“What Mr. Behi Said And Did And What He Did Not Say And Do In Gabiley”Prof Ibrahim Meecaad, | WAJAALE NEWS
“What Mr. Behi Said And Did And What He Did Not Say And Do In Gabiley”Prof Ibrahim Meecaad,
September 16, 2019 - Written by Editor:
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What Mr. Behi said and did and what he did not say and do!

In reference to the President’s short stopover in Gabiley University, he said something to the effect of:

1;Gabiley region better not forget voicing their concerns because the President is from their region! Strangely someone who was not in his administration to the best of our knowledge contradicted what the President indeed said. That someone said, “The President did not mean what he said!!” well, this is Trumpean indeed. (of President Trump’s behaviour) This is also “gas lighting”- which means do not believe what you hear and do not believe what you see! What is also strange is that the administration did not rebottle that guy who virtually said, “Do not believe what he said. What the President meant is what I am saying to you” Which is which!!!!
2;the other thing Mr. Behi said was that he reminded the Somaliland Army forces who abused miserably the compassionate people of Gabiley whom their land has been taken and the grass has been sold back to them and to the highest bidder. Mr. Behi told the ungrateful army forces to leave the land after they harvest what has been planted there. That means,-leave the grass and the left over. it means” do not sell the grass to the indigenous people, who let you share their land which their livelihood depends until you get better pay to feed your family.”
that is one baby step forward to justice and to decency.

3;whatTug wajale plains mean to the Gabiley community

Tog wajale plains resources were a source of food, shelter and economic development For the Gabiley Region population before the land was grabbed by the Somali successive governments and the owners of the land were displaced and chased away from their land.
The Land was integral to the displaced community as guardians of their land for future generations. It played an important role in cultural, social and political relationships.
Gabiley community depended a lot on their land resources and relied on the rural subsistence economy. The land was managed by the indigenous people there such that they divided it in to agricultural section, a grazing part and settlement part. They were better in land management then the successive governments who grabbed this plains without Consultation, without consent and without Compensation!!!

4;For the next step let the displaced and dispossessed communities of Gabiley region be compensated. They must at least get a percentage of whatever the government yields from the Wajale plains, i.e. Gabiley municipality must collect a minimum of 25% of what is collected from the “Banka wajale” to compensate the displaced and dispossessed communities. That is a minimum fair way to undo injustice.

5;Dispensation of justice is needed here even when it is too late and even when the nomadic instinct of not appreciating decency abut taking that as weakness and stupidity  is bothering us. “The memory of justice is sanctified but the name of the wicked shall not”

Ibrahim M Mead


Somaliland watch Group

Ottawa Canada

Peace and prayers for those who may heed thus act.