Somaliland Capital City, Hargeisa Is More Safe and Secure Than In Any Western Countries Cities With Regards Peace and Security. | WAJAALE NEWS
Somaliland Capital City, Hargeisa Is More Safe and Secure Than In Any Western Countries Cities With Regards Peace and Security.
November 23, 2019 - Written by Editor:

Across the globe, street crime is one of the most common-seen misbehaviours that poses huge threats to the individual safety as well as the social stability in any part of the world.  However, over the last number of years, I have read about reports written  with regard the  most dangerous cities in world in which Somali capital Mogadishu is the top of the list at all times.   This unpleasing reports is what influenced me to write the peace nature of Somaliland capital city, Hargeisa which is infrequent for the countries in the region.

To begin with, I am living in Hargeisa almost 24 months and yet I have not experienced even single street crime in Hargeisa which translates the peaceful nature for the people living in Somaliland capital.  Universally, achieving peace and security is prime wish for all mankind as peace is every minute requirement. Every progress in any every part of the globe starts with availability of peace as peace is the gateway to make any progress.

When I am in Somaliland, I walk in the streets alone without protection, feel extra safe and back atmosphere is an indication of impressed environment, Marry Harper, BBC world services, east Africa chief editor. Marry Harper is journalist and writer reporting and broadcasting from east Africa and horn of Africa since early 1990s.  She is famous popular female BBC world services journalist reporting in the region.   Marry Harper said above comments while visiting Somaliland several months ago. One can see tens of foreigners in Somaliland government offices, private companies, hotels and shopping centres.

Despite said for the above, I am not saying, there is no street crime in Hargeisa or elsewhere in Somaliland in general. But my intention is, the street crime is negligible in Somaliland capital city, Hargeisa in contrast with our neighbouring countries like Somalia, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Eretria and Kenya. This is because, the nature of Somaliland people are different than their counterparts in our neighbouring countries listed in the above.

Over the last 24 months, I have not eyewitness even single minor crime in Hargeisa which indicates the peaceful nature of the city. No doubt, most of other major cities or towns in Somaliland are experiencing an identical peaceful nature.  In fact, we can say, Somaliland capital city is safer than any western countries cities like New York, London, pairs etc. The credit goes to Somaliland people collectively.

Somaliland people have joined their hands to preserve the peaceful climate of their country. Another Somaliland city that I paid a visit, is Berbera and I found Somaliland commercial port city an identical peace environment. This peace nature is not new, but it is inborn quality for Somaliland people. We call this as a gift from the Almighty Allah, the Greater. It is worth to mention Somalilanders has historical traditional culture which is treating the foreigners in their country like their guests as Somaliland people are known their hospitality with regard their guests.  They feel honoured when receiving guests. There is nothing on earth more important than peace and security in any part world.

BY; Ismail Lugweyne.