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Somali-land Civil Aviation And Airports Authorities Responsibilities! By Mukhtar Mire.
April 13, 2020 - Written by Editor:
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Director Responsibility.

1-To promote safety of the civil aircraft, by assuming the competence of airborne , ground crew and air traffic controllers.

2-Co-ordination of air operations flight procedures.

3-The adequacy and management of airports procedures.

4-To inspect airports, aircraft movement surfaces and to ensure the adequacy for safe operation.

5-Develops and records, under the jurisdiction of the civil aviation authority, landing fees, rented rates, commissions and other charges for the national airports.

6-participate fully in the investigations accidents and incidents as required.

7-To establish and co-ordinate the civil aviation department medium, short and long time plans in line with the national prospective plan and to ensure the implementation there off.

8-To issue landing and over flight permissions for all flights, in co-ordination with the concerned government authorities.

9-To establish and issue security and facilitation, policies and Procedures and directives.

As we can see from this short summery of director responsibilities, the director can only cover these above responsibilities, when he had relevant knowledge and experience since this is technical field.

The 42 qualified salamanders for all different fields of civil aviation do not have duties, Due to airspace management conflict between Somali-land and Somalia, where as the concerned minister during the hand over period is currently having very important responsibilities for the nation.

The skilled human resource staff that we had gained from ( ICAO), During their time of management are ready to work for their country by any means.

All civil aviation staffs on duties should have to cover the required training record, in Oder to promote their skills and minimize safety risks.

While saving the finance from this crucial governmental sector, we should have to empower related staffs through stranded trainings partially, as per ICAO.

The current Director who is working under the General director Mr Rodal does not have the capacity to handle these above stranded responsibilities,he had other talent management which is appropriate for other ministries.

The general director does not have internal strategies policy to promote the skills of his subordinates and staffs, as well as other external strategy policy to solve the current Somali-land civil aviation constrains, As we get from his scope of management during the two years.

Somali-land civil aviation needs critical thinning and cooperation of all concerned departments.

population are highly willing from the HE. precedent to set urgent developing strategy for Somali-land civil aviation

Apology: for the English language, since aviation language is English as stander, my target is national issue only.

Flight safety division (second article)

By Mukhtaar Mire