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Mead,s Comment On President Bixis,s Speech!
March 11, 2021 - Written by Editor:

I listened the yearly Presidential address to the Somaliland joint houses of congress. It was well written and well delivered.

It was the administration preceded him that opened the gate where any and every traitor and tantrums got a chance to sell not only their soul but the soul, the case and the cause of Somaliland Republic with money. In this scheme the so,called international community headed by Yamahotu the American ambassador and the UN man Mr. Swan are accomplices with the Somalia criminal government in Mogadishu. They know better. They know Somaliland is not in Mogadishu, and still they embrace Somalia,s lies and animosity she has against Somaliland.

It is time to do exactly what to day’s President of Somaliland articulated in his speech before the houses of congress.

Close the door the preceded administration opened by asking the present parliament to pass the Egale, Riyale time law which prohibits and punishes the offenders and aggressors. Those who go to Mogadishu to subvert and sabotage  Somaliland for money.

They must be declared for what they are_traitors. President Bixi must be advised to ask to day’s parliament to do this job to day, not tomorrow


By; Ibrahim Mead