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My Take On President Bixi’s Speech At The Heritage In DC!Prof Ibrahim Mead.
March 15, 2022 - Written by Editor:
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Some Af My Thoughts Are Added

It Was informative speech, well delivered and he touched all Relative area’s like:

A)The aborted union with somalia, as early as 1960 when Somalia shunted the somaliland Republic aside and filled all Positions with their people and added insult with injury when They designated somaliland Republic as a region they called it ,” Northern region of Somalia”!

Discontent of the somaliland people started as a result of that act and as early as that’s time.

This morphed to the rejection of the union with the dishonest and deceitful  ‘Italian’ somalia in 1961 referendum by 69%.

B) The union was never ratified either

C) Repression and alienation of the somaliland people had increasingly started and resistance against that was a natural reaction.

C) From 1980’s on wards somaliland was cut-off from the rest of the country and they put Somaliland under ‘Marshal law’.

Eventually the ethnic cleansing started in full swing in 80’s.

Somaliland refused to desipate and sink.They resisted They fought back and eventually defeated Somalia’s invaded army

The armed struggle extended ten years. tramphant somaliland declared independence in 1991

D) Somaliland rose from the ashes of the genocide inflected upon her. She slowly moved to recover with out much help from out side .in some estimation fifty thousand people were killed in one year,1988-1990 alone, the war with Mogadishu regime lasted for ten years in different stages, that means hundreds of thousands of people were murdered in that period of time. Along with that, somaliland cities were levelled to the ground and money and materials there were stolen by Somalia’s retreating army. Ribbing, raiding, robbing and stealing treasure was the norm. Nothing except ashes were left behind.

E) Somaliland rebuilt what has been pombarded and destroyed with out foreign help. Somaliland rebuilt all the institutions Somaliland created a representative democratic government. We held one man one vote elections through out the years since we recalled our 1960 Republic and left the aborted, un ratified, ill-fated, thus ill-legitimate union with somalia.

Peaceful transfer of power takes place every team of elections. Democracy is thriving in somaliland, in a volatile Horn of Africa.

Peace has got a home in an unstable region where wars are going on from all corners.

Somaliland averted, ànd protected her country and people from Somalia’s Alshabab and sea piracy, successfully throughout the years. Somaliland is independent Republic from somalia from 1991

I) Why not resolve your problem among you Somalis one may wonder?!

Well, Somaliland was/is ready but somalia wasn’t ever ready to resolve the problem among the two countries voluntarily united in 1960. They refused to realize the historical and hethirto reality on the ground that the ill-fated union was dead. Somalia acts as though they own somaliland and somaliland well knows that is not true, never was and never will be

Somaliland moved forward inspite all these problems and achieved relatively allot, leaning on each other in a collective endeavor.

These became reality because of our resilient and patient people.

  1. f) when the president was asked about Russia/ Ukraine war, he smartly linked what is happening there now with what was happening to somaliland in 80’s and 90’s. He felt Ukrainian people’s pain because he experienced similar situation and circumstances.

He reminded the audience that self determination of all  peoples must be recognized and respected.

  1. G) Somaliland has chosen a free market economy. Somaliland lies in a strategic place along the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. Somaliland has advanced resources like sea port and international Airport in Berbera. Both the united states and Somaliland may see a commont interst there.

It is open for all peoples we share democratic and free trade values in conjunction with our beliefs and values. Somaliland was and is open for investment because the environment for that is there. Peace and stability is prevalent and in place in somaliland.

And as Minister Kayd reiterates and reminds the world that somaliland is open for business.

N/B: For the international community it is a matter of choosing what is right over what is wrong. The comparison of somalia and somaliland is day and night. Somalia is wrong in every angle and unfortunately the international community is dancing with the wrong. Like they dancing with the Deval

Somaliland is patient and the day the right over takes the wrong  and the eyes of the world sees the truth is approaching, faster than you think. Keep hope alive.

Peace and prayers.

By; Prof Ibrahim Mahamed Mead.