Remove The 🥕 carrot Out Of The Way!By Ibrahim Mead. | WAJAALE NEWS
Remove The 🥕 carrot Out Of The Way!By Ibrahim Mead.
March 20, 2022 - Written by Editor:
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Remove the 🥕 (one somalia policy) out of the way

Aside from the hatred that unites them the carrot is the ” geel” as the say goes ” kulo fitna cinda Geel”

Remove the 🥕 out of the way.

Only then somalia will see the reality on the ground regarding serious negotiations with somaliland Republic which was independent Republic before they were independent!

I choose two descriptive words for the answer Somaliland President gave when asked if he could deal future leaders of somalia regarding our quest for independence after farmajo?.

He didn’t waver, he didn’t confuse his people, he was emphatic. He said, “No use of talking to them, they are of the same mindset!”

These two words are: ” farsighted and Fortitude ” they are

attributes of a serious leader in this juncture of history.

As far as somalia sees that “the policy of one somalia is there” and as far as their “hatred of somaliland unites them” they will not bother any thing else.

One practical advice for all those wishing fairness as well as the stability of somalia itself and the region as well, must take the 🥕 out of the equation. If that is done they will cooperate with somaliland to settle the somaliland independence. That is the only thing somaliland may negotiate with somalia, following by future cooperations.

The US furnished the carrot to them unwisely, wrongly and now the key is to remove that carrot. That is the obstacle

We always correct mistakes. This one must be corrected now.

PS: when you here negotiations with somalia, don’t make a mistake; we are not negotiating who somaliland was. She is not negotiating who she is.

Because she was independent somaliland Republic when she voluntarily joined somalia.

Somaliland  left the aborted, ill-legitimate union with Somalia by the will and self determination of it’s people.

What we will negotiate with them is how and when they pay what they have stolen and what they have robbed in the billions of dollars for a period y ten years.

And the hundreds of thousands of Somaliland people they massacred.

That is what we have to negotiate. That is when they remove the 🥕 out of the way.

N/B : When you hear negotiations with Somalia, don’t make a mistake. We are not negotiating who we are. We are somaliland Republic.

Somaliland was independent Republic before and when she joined Mogadishu with the aborted, illegitimate union with Somalia.

Somaliland is an independent Republic now by the will and self determination of its people. That is non- negotiable proposition.

What somaliland might negotiate with somalia will be how and when they  pay what they have stollen and what they have ribbedof from the people of somaliland which was  in the billions  of dollars for a period of ten years from somaliland, and the hundreds of thousands of somaliland people they massacred.

That is what we negotiate with somalia, and that is when they remove the 🥕 out of the way.

By; Prof Ibrahim Mahamed Mead.