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Some Times You Wonder, Is This What We Shed Blood And Treasure?!
March 25, 2022 - Written by Editor:
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In North America we are celebrating disregarding  of any party affiliation, the great achievements, one of it’s kind,  the somaliland delegation headed by president Bixi realized in their trip to the US.

Back home a high level official of one of the opposition political parties was preaching confrontations and demonstration against the government if their way is not endorsed. That guy was seeing the small was Blaire to him to see the big picture! Not proud of the achievements realized!

It was supposed to be a day of celebrations and a praise 🎉 for the First time achievements of it’s kind realized by president Bixi and his delegation whether we are his party or other parties.

Somaliland people were supposed to appreciate the long nights and long days our delegation spent to sell our cause and case in the markets of and in the US.

On the contrary, there are many of us who’s eyes failed them to say the achievements realized.

As some people say,  “we either take over power or we destroy it”! We don’t see any thing else!

Two different somaliland here!

Solution:”we have to manage these different thoughts carefully, intelligently while keeping in mind that our enemies are fishing in this in different forms”

In person I started sacrificing a lot of my livelihood and monetary resources for the libration of somaliland.

I was in the ” wanted list of Siyad Barre’s regime as early as in 1972″ before any one else. that was after I confronted him with the ” wrong” direction of his administration. At that time I was the secretary general of the Somali students association in Baghdad. And from there in 1979 I joined and supported Araad front, then SNM as early as announced in April 1981

When I look back of all these sacrifices rendered for the liberation of somaliland by hundreds of thousands of our people and now witness people like these and thoughts like these which are prevalent in our country! Then a thought strikes in my mind which is” why did you do all you have done for the liberation, and why hundreds of thousands died for this when we are acting and reacting the way we do, and worse, why are we soft for our enemies when the other(heading the government) is not your clan! For me this is an earthquake level disappointment and of course for many others.

We must change our mindset, behavior and how we conduct our enter- relationships.

We have to change a lot of things if we seriously want to reach our destination which is a free and prosperous and recognized somaliland

N/B.I was and I am for somaliland, first and last

Peace and prayers.

BY; Ibrahim Mead’s point of view.