The Paradox In Somaliland Politics!By Ibrahim Mead. | WAJAALE NEWS
The Paradox In Somaliland Politics!By Ibrahim Mead.
May 17, 2022 - Written by Editor:
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In one hand the masses are unquestionably, happily celebrating The achievements of their struggle to realize this day of Independence with their blood and treasure.

On the other hand the so,called politicians were taking the great memorial day hostage.

The feast each party want to get the biggest chunk ( by any means) is us, we the people!

I think the people must say ” yur and Yahoo” until they change their campaigning based on hate and trible divisions.

They shamelessly but in their conscience happily met the head of the ruling party in the presidential house under the mediation of who ever!

The two opposition political parties were posting proudly that EU mediated between them and the government! What will they ask next?! Unisom African Army?!

The present three parties are a stain on Somaliland. Somaliland must be saved from them by allowing fresh mind to take the torch.

Here the 3rd party who are the silent majority didn’t have any stake in this unpatriotic quarrel.

The y must have the ultimate stake in their future. Somaliland must be liberated from the rotten, some times deceptive parties. Somaliland is at crossroads!

By; Ibrahim Mahamed Mead