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To All Parties Concerned!By Prof Ibrahim Mead.
July 16, 2022 - Written by Editor:
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Many people are wondering what will happen tomorrow Regarding the election law and processes and differences in Understanding and interpreting the laws governing the elections.and who wins and who looses!

Before asking what would be the the final result of the negotiation and the mediation of the now existing political parties, we have to ask, What is it we are negotiating about, and what is leading us to reach a solution?

I believe that we are a country of laws unless we make it a country of “xeer jajab+la jiififana banana”. A country we twist our laws as we want!

We established institutions for that, therefore the laws of the land and the constitution of somaliland must be the arbitar and the only one that we follow.

As for the cultural elders put in the mix of this constitutional argument, I believe we already have a house for that. It is called the house of Guurte. Therefore there is no place for those who failed their tribal constituencies and abandoned their role in that area.

I think we have to trust our constitution and the laws of the land. We have to trust each other.

Besides, for the three existing parties, “love for your brothers what you love for your selves”, as the Xadiis goes.

Let the new ones get their constitutional chance to run for what the existed parties want to run.

Let them respect the biggest stake holder in this exercise which is the PEOPLE. Let us do it right.

It seems we are driving in reverse.

I hope a foreign hand is not driving us in reverse. I am saying this because, why when things are moving forward in our favour, quarrel and conflicts come to the front banner!

Rejecting the laws of the land and advocating ” xeer jabjab- la jiififana banana”! Is disastrous and the wrong way to go. We must never entertain this nonsense no matter how hard one cries.

By; Prof Ibrahim Maxamed Mead.