Who Are We And Where *Are We Heading To?By Ibrahim Mead. | WAJAALE NEWS
Who Are We And Where *Are We Heading To?By Ibrahim Mead.
July 24, 2022 - Written by Editor:
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Except people struggling for survival even though these people themselves lost some time on politeking mainly on the tribal side.

Where ever I went I listened many people  with full energy venting negative criticism against the government on everything you can imagine. And not only that, they also by extension spray unregulated, unfiltered, undesrved insults to the brothers and sisters of somalilanders related to the President of somaliland on tribal affiliation. Yahk!

I didn’t see people mentioning progress and achievements realized.

It is understandable to criticize the deficiency and the short comings of the government, that is fair in my opinion, but to be on the negative all the time is never constructive in the least!

In the heat of the political squabble I rarely heard people talking, let alone defending the constitution and the laws of the land.

They talked and even advocated to bypass the laws and embrace the cultural ” xeer jajab and la jiififana banana” solution with out considering the long term consequences of this bad, bad choice.

Some people, when they were talking they did so as though there is no government and no constitutional institutions and the rule of law in somaliland!

Why were these people doing what they were doing? That is minimizing  if not despising the institutions of government. This borders a total denial of democratic governance.

Positive and constructive criticism are in short supply. Negetivity is casually easily available and active

What is going on here? What is wrong with us?

Well, a lot is wrong with us, but it needs another pages to go to the bottom of this.

I don’t want to close this note without calling everyone to come back to sanity.

To reflect to our bitter history and to disregard the foolish, mostly ignorant, arrogant, overzealous and self centered so, called politicians

We are one people. We are all brothers and sisters. We are suffering together in draught, in inflation and poverty.

Let us call a spade a spade and tell the politicians,’go to Hell’!

BY; Prof. Ibrahim Mahamed Mead’s point of view