What Is Happening In Our Country Borders Sedition With Its Ugly Head!By; Ibrahim Mead. | WAJAALE NEWS
What Is Happening In Our Country Borders Sedition With Its Ugly Head!By; Ibrahim Mead.
August 8, 2022 - Written by Editor:

What is happening in somaliland blinded the people, the political people in particular, from the deaths and misery caused by the draught and the inflation as well as the already existed poverty.

The political people, some radical agitators calling for disturbances must know that could easily morph to civil unrest. If they don’t care about this, then they declare themselves as traitors.

These people of the big houses are not dying for thirst or hunger. They live in big houses comfortably while they are telling the struggling people to defame the character of their country and their people!

Event they sometimes call these misled people to die for them!!

These politicians advocating unrest never shed blood and treasure for the this 2nd Republic of somaliland, yet they are reaping and enjoying what others who don’t have what they enjoy did for them

This idiocy got to stop. People must summon their senses and sanity back.

Some of the kids in the house of representatives are shockingly irresponsible! They morphed to tribal in it’s shamelessness. In it’s ugly head!

The government also, must be responsive to the draught and the inflation and as a result of that they must declare national emergency to handle this catastrophe.

Compromise and calling for the common ground are tools to solve problems, however in this Somaliland election laws and processes prevalent now, this means break the laws of the country! That must never be entertained

We must all respect the constitution, the laws of the land, as well as our established institutions of the country

As for the people of the big houses caring for their interest but doesn’t bother the wide spread hunger in the country, they better be kind to poor Somaliland at least once! They must be ashamed of themselves.

Spreading propaganda and unfounded lies against your country is disgraceful and counter productive to a party running for the highest office of the land !

It borders treason!

I also think demonstration is not a program and a manifesto for a serious party. I think the parties better have plan B, a more constructive and practical one.

PS: I am an independent, none partisan citizen of Somaliland.i am also a veteran, a member of those who liberated this country. Sufficed we did that with out any return. We had sacrificed all we had for the liberation and we are not complaining.

The expressions and views articulated here are mine.

What is happening in somaliland, good or bad concerns me a lot, even when I am not those who reaped the fruits many martyred, many maimed and many sufficed them to see a free and independen somaliland. I am one of those.

Somaliland has many enemies, let us not be part of the enemies of Somaliland by our I’ll thought action in words and in deeds. The constitution, our institutions and the laws of the land must be our guide.

Peace and prayers

BY; Prof. Ibrahim Mead