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A Puntland General Embraced Death Over Life !Food Over Pullets!
November 8, 2022 - Written by Editor:

Since when growing what you eat a bad thing?!

Since when defending your territorial bounders and your people a wrong thing to do?! Nothing is wrong with the above cases, except it is when you are a puntland general!!

A puntland war monger General, embraced death over Life, food over pullets, war over peace!!

He embarrassed puntland and their responsible leaders.

Always there are responsible people and irresponsible ones in any given place.The general is in the category of the irresponsible ones as he demonstrated that.

Look at the mentality of this wookie who idiotically associated the somaliland General, his community, and to the larger community which is the somaliland army, to the very food we eat to live, demeaning  that (blessings) food!

The somaliland national army are strong and they are there with in their borders protecting the international borders while respecting the other border on the other side. Mutual respect.

He bragged to dismiss that food which keeps him and us alive, as well as the people who grow and deliver to us and to him as well !!

This Buffon was delivering hateful speech and sending very young kids to kill or be killed in a battlefield with the wrong reasons. He embraced the bullet and demeaned food, which keeps us alive!!

Fighting World hunger is a global responsibility and a collective effort to deal with.

Increasing food production is

a global effort, because that is the way to save humanity.

When that is the case,

Look at this Buffon in Punt land, Ex-Majertania, who preferred pullets over what keeps us alive, food and the people who give us that food

He despised what keeps him alive ; food. Which he doesn’t grow, but others grow and deliver to him and to his likes who were  “duur joog” before and has the behavior of ” duur joog” even now

In this world we live in, food gets scares and every community will keep what they grow for themselves in the end!

What will he keep for himself, because he doesn’t have it, because he doesn’t grow any thing.

What will this Buffon have for himself and for his children?! Most likely a bullet which he was advocating and encouraging kids he was delivering a war speech to them.

Moreover, and most likely, this guy  and his children eat “laxoox” or “mofo” or bread, every morning, and he foolishly despised that food grown all over the somali peninsula.

It is Somali’s basic food.

He also demeaned the people who grow our food and deliver to us all, including this Buffon and his people!

Look at him! Poor he!

I think, a side from his enemoucity towards somaliland, Mr. Dani better re-send the idiocy his general uttered, and even better fire him in due time at least for the sake of his integrity as a head of a government!

By; Ibrahim Mead