Awakening In Gabiley!!By; Ibrahim Mead. | WAJAALE NEWS
Awakening In Gabiley!!By; Ibrahim Mead.
December 26, 2022 - Written by Editor:

Awakening In Gabiley!!

I am Here To Congratulate The Committee For Gabiley Region. We Ow Them Apraise  And Prayers!

I Also salute the mayor, the elders, the governor, the deputy governor, the house representatives from the region, as well as the distinguished guests and citizens, those who were there and those who were NOT there for unthoughtfull  reasons.

What happened seems to me like Awakening and when that happens Awoke will follow and then Gabiley will achieve it’s right to have their own meritorious and overdue Region.

Particularly praise goes to the mayor of Gabiley for reminding the gathering that part of Gabiley citizens were not there!

He mentioned them by name and said, our brothers of Wadani and Ucid members are not here with us, to day ” They were supposed to be with us here to day” he said.

What he meant here is that, seeking a region for Gabiley is

A COLLECTIVE endeavor, so we have to be United in this front.

No one must not left behind.

I also appreciated Mujahid Ali CASI, when he respectfully reminded young Limo that he was off track! That youg guy is always off track to say it mildly!

Brothers Abdikreem and Yahyi and others also ow us thumbs up too.

Gabiley liberated somaliland by virtue of being the cell and the mother of SNM. Afraad was that cell and that Mother. They were fighting two years before SNM came to them.

Gabiley doesn’t deserve from the liberated somaliland to become an obstacle to Gabiley to achieve it’s rightful and deserved regional status.

Some of the elected representatives from the region naively talked about rules and laws set by unjust people like Afweni who by degree made two places who followed his government’s policy which  were ‘B’ as Gabiley was ‘B’ as well at the time,  Regions and left Gabiley

Ina Egale also by degree made Berbera a Region by way of clanship affiliation even when it was ‘A’ as Gabiley was ‘A’, No shame here! In politics there is ‘ no such thing called shame!

So any UNJUST law is no law and it doesn’t deserve to be respected. If they snatch a junk of your land or push the boundaries in their advantage and then tell you that is a law, we tell them it is unjust law, therefore it doesn’t deserve to be recognized neither to be respected as a law.

“We have a moral responsibility to obey just laws, conversely one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws” ( Martin Luther King)

An unjust law is out of harmony with the moral law.

Any UNJUST law is no law, as simple as that.

Also, any thing in which you were not consulted and in which you were not part of it, but cooked it for you by others is Nil and Void as far as we are concerned.

That is the way the cookie crumbles, brothers and sisters of Gabiley.

PS:Please do not use the submissive words reer Gabiley unfortunately use, which are:

Give us a region! (Royale) gave us a region. Can you give us a region?!

It is Not theirs, who ever they are, to give you what is yours by merit. It is simply your Meritorious right to get it.

Use terminologies like, Let us have our regional status we Deserve. Don’t you deny our rights! It is our right to have it.

No any one has a right to deny our rights.

However, our voice must not be muted!

It must be as loud as the other somaliland communities are.

Don’t beg, Seek. Legally, forcefully. Keep in mind to

Play your political strategies among the wider community of somaliland.

May Allah bless Gabiley

May Allah bless somaliland.