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The Newly Knitted Security Cooperation Between Hargeisa And Washington Stands Despite Others Trying To Hinder!
January 20, 2023 - Written by Editor:

Disregarding somaliland’s sovereign decision to leave the union with somalia with good reasons and recalled it’s independence she achieved in 1960, is as disingenuous and as questionable as hindering the newly Minted US security cooperation with Somaliland by the US ambassador to Mogadishu!

Unaccounted, easy come money, corrupts people easily!

Somalia is characterized as one of the most corrupted entities in the world!

In a corrupt environment politcal acters in that environment tend to become corrupted and corrupt others.

It was widely gossipped that former US ambassador to Mogadishu Mr. Yamahuto who preceded the present ambassador Mr. Andre was corrupted to the teeth, (not from me) by the already corrupted somalia elites who were never elected in any time in any level but yet receives unaccounted millions of American tax payers dollars!

Like wise  some people are wondering if Mr. Andre the present US ambassador to Mogadishu fell in to that web of getting easy money by simply holding the water for somalia. A failed and fragmented state which is  protected by  the UN, under chapter 7?!

Easy come money, corrupts people easily, and that money mainly comes from American tax payers. I am not accusing any body here but I am trying to shed light on what happens and is happening in Mogadishu!

It is little wonder that Mr. Andre the US ambassador to Mogadishu talked about Somali irredentism he said, he heard across somalia which itself not accurate! I am not sure that he traveled to any where beyond  “Xalani and villa somalia” freely.

Did he know what he was talking about? Where this irredentism started, who was pushing it and where and when it dissipated? And who was behind that dissipation?

Somali irredentism started from somaliland protectorate and because of ‘it’ somaliland sacrificed her independence of June 1960, thereafter lost her independence until 1991 when she reclaimed and declared her independence once again after she shed blood and treasure for that.

This irredentism is the original SIN of Somaliland! It is what put her where she is now!

I am asking the ambassador why somalia which is fragmented beyond repair pull-itself together first, before uniting the somali speaking people in east Africa, and where is that Pan-Somalism  sentiment, the ambassador has eluded exists, when it doesn’t exist, or where it will be coming from and where it will go?!

I don’t understand what he was talking about, but I understand what he is up to, confuse people, probably Americans!

I want to remind the Ambassador in question and others with like minds, that what they are demanding from somaliland as Mr. Michael Rubin stated is” to subordinate themselves to Mogadishu, which is akin to saying Bosnians, or Kosovans should trust their fate to Serbian nationalist in Belgrade!” And that will not happen as far as somaliland is concerned, I may add.

I think a lot must be learned here and people must be honest and fair, before they render their judgment.

BY; Prof Ibrahim Mahamed Mead.