Somaliland Is In Apeculiar Situation In Lascanood!By Prof Ibrahim Mead. | WAJAALE NEWS
Somaliland Is In Apeculiar Situation In Lascanood!By Prof Ibrahim Mead.
February 9, 2023 - Written by Editor:
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The hands of our military are tied, because we care the city and the people but the invaders don’t care, even the brain washed local boys don’t care, because tribal sentiment blinds them from reality.That is one big disadvantage in our side.

In the sequence of events particularly in war situations there are two roles. The civilian side which is diplomacy and the military side which is military operations.

These two roles must be clear, such as that the civilian side must never confuse the military side with politcal deals which may not have legs to stand, but conversely gives time for the enemies.That interfere impedes the readiness of the military operations. Another disadvantage.

The point here is that half baked military operations leading by politicians

in the middle of the game, only increase confusion and leads failure most of the time militarily.

Each side has a role dictates by time and circumstances.The two lanes here, diplomacy and military, each one is only good to use when it is right to be used, the other one must be closed for the moment.

That means, there is a time military follows the diplomacy, and there is a time diplomacy follows the military operations. We must not mix the two.

For now it is the time civilian side of the government follows the military side.

I am calling the patriotic somaliland men and women to

Rally behind the flag.

Rally behind the military.

Rally behind the bearer of the flag, the President of the Republic.

The victory belongs to the righteous

May Allah bless somaliland.