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Believe Them First Time! By Prof Ibrahim Mead,
February 17, 2023 - Written by Editor:

IAM Not Second-guessing the Intention, the Motive and the Policy of the Government Towards The Troubled City of Lascanood. Far From That!

IAM following the sayings of the prophet may peace and blessings be upon him.

“No believer receives a bite for a second time from the same hole” this means, learn from experience.

“When people show you who they are, as Dr. Maya Angelou said, believe them first time” I think that is a wisdom to follow or learn from it.

The Garads in Lascanood and their patrons and backers  showed the people and the government who they are but it seems we are denying what we were seeing!

They asked us to remove the national army and let their well armed Militias in, uncontested in the town. We agreed that! There, we sacrificed our young defense forces’s lives, including the security guides of the Ministers.

They were killed there. Many others  were killed there as well, in an ambush. All these happened because we didn’t believe them even they showed us who they are!

When we call back the same clan traders, clergies, bussines people with their own agenda who showed us who they were before, during the election squabble, for help. History is not our guidance here!

,”making the same mistake and expecting different results” is not normal, things are contradictory, thereof.

If history is our guidance we wouldn’t repeat the same mistake over and over again and expect a different result!


presidents are the protectors of the constitution and by virtue of that they are the protectors of the Republic, from enemies foreign and domestic.

Our military is the protector of the nation from all enemies, foreign and domestic. They sacrifice their lives for our safety and security.

Some of our radical clergies are preaching in the Friday sermons that defenders of the Republic will go to Hell as though they are the owners of the Hell and the Paradise. Such as these people are in our midest!

The President is the protector of the constitution, and by virtue of that he is the protector of the Republic as the commander in chief of the national army.

However, when that protector entrusts antagonists and expects them to deliver the desired results, I think that is an exercise in futility. They will create an entity of their own which challenges the constitutional one.That is my thought, I can be wrong!

The stance and the position of the Garads and their patrons behind the scenes was and is very clear.

1- we are part of Somalia. We don’t accept somaliland, therefore

2- remove the army from Lascanood! And that will not happen.


Most importantly, we know and the world knows now, AlShabab and the emotional youth leading by radical Garads or AlShabab themselves are calling the shots in Lascanood town for now!

In conclusion:

The Garads are divided in silence. Some are radical beyond hope. Some are not that radical as their partners are. However, the reality is that nothing is in their hands!

Besides, AlShabab, there are behind the scenes patrons, the sponsors of the war in Lascanood who are driving and managing this evil scheme in Lascanood! These people and Alshabab have the last word unless they are defeated, and somaliland must defeate them.

Thus, seriously, who are we negotiating with in good faith!

Therefore peace and prayers.

May Allah bless somaliland.

May Allah bless our troops.

By; Prof Ibrahim Mead.