Somaliland’s Borders Will Not Change. It Will Remain Somalilanders!

Just what has been gained by the Somaliland government from permitting Jama Garaad Ali into Laas Anod, a wily, thug and smarmy insurgent clan leader who had been a self-exile for a considerable period of time, is anybody’s guess. All it seems to have accomplished is turned him into an instant hero for anti-Somaliland Support base. And, followed by his injudicious declare of a war on Somaliland Republic, intended to take the country into civil war while he is still in Las Anod town but failed miserably!

The news of the terrorist offensive infiltration in Somaliland territory was received by the people with deep sorrow and anguish. However, the threat of terrorist attacks cannot be made a reason to delay the nation’s reach on the pinnacle and zenith of its development. Keeping the people safe is the responsibility of our law-enforcement agencies and the military. Likewise, from onwards the competent authority must placate the situation and redress what had had gone wrong in Las Anod.

I am confident that the resilient Somaliland nation will overcome these terrorist attacks with characteristic grit and determination. It is pertinent to mention here that the government ought to start to work the post disaster rehabilitation, reconstruction, and relief efforts right away.

Moreover, Muse Bihi’s imperative deliberation on ways to improve the nation’s politics to avert the country to goes through political upheaval has also increased his stature! He asserted the nation is indivisible and assured that under no circumstance shall he allow a compromise on the constitution and democracy that enjoys across -the -board support off all political stakeholders and the people of Somaliland. Also, the president made clear that Somaliland’s borders will not change and will remain Somalilanders.  

Indeed, Muse Bihi romped on the terrorist and their hidden agenda successfully!

In solidarity, I extended my deepest condolences to the bereaved families and pray for early recovery of those injured Insha-Allah.

“Hadal lama raraadee

Niman rarin ayuu furin

Reerkaaga yuu rogin

Rafiiqaaga yuu goyn…,”

By Mohamed Jama Robleh,

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