“In The Urgency Of Now, National Emergency Must Be Declared!By Prof Ibrahim Mead. | WAJAALE NEWS
“In The Urgency Of Now, National Emergency Must Be Declared!By Prof Ibrahim Mead.
March 1, 2023 - Written by Editor:

1-In one front, the Emergency status will thwart the anti-Somaliland activities undertaken by the domestic enemies already parroting and promoting the enemy narrative, while dismissing our narrative, our national intelligence and the presidential national messages!!

2- It will boost the Morale of the troops at the front.

3- It will facilitate for the commander in chief to execute his duty effectively and on timely fashion and much more.

In Lascanood case, for now, time for diplomacy and negotiations  must be paused because It didn’t work thus far.

We are in a situation which warrants action, serious military action to sustain our sovereignty and territorial integrity. Public awareness and public relations must be enhanced in a serious way. Mobilization and national awakening must be put in motion

As for the urgency of now and the seriousness of Lascanood situation, there is an urgent call for Military action and doing that, the commander in chief of the army forces who is the president of the Republic Must declare State of emergency forthwith. This will give him and the government time and space to execute the needed constitutional powers, swiftly and effectively.

The morale of our young fighters there is calling for that. The situation is calling for that. It is situational necessity to do that to saveguard our safety and security.

The difference between baking well and not baking well  is half baking! That doesn’t cut, and that is what was  going on in Lascanood lately, however understandably so.

We have to transcend that.

Thus peace and prayers.

May Allah bless our troops

May Allah bless somaliland.

By; Prof Ibrahim Mahamed Mead.