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Reference Of The Statement Of Mr. Vedant Patel.
March 31, 2023 - Written by Editor:

Principal Deputy Spokesperson Of The Bureau Of African Affairs

US state department:

Assuming this statement is authentic and it is from the state department of the united states.( I am skeptical because of the relentless disinformation and propaganda somalia is engaged against somaliland)

Upon reading Mr. Patel’s statement, I was shocked how much his statement lacked the background, the reasons and the people behind this war, the players of this conflict, the cause and the consequences of the incident in Lascanood.

The inside and out side actors of this and the reality on the ground!

A- Somaliland was attached by a collision of four groups.

1- The local militias

2- Puntland, a Somalia regional state

3- the troopers from the Somali state of Ethiopia.

4- And Alshabab.

1,2&3 groups came to fight in Lascanood on tribal ethnic reasons.

4- Alshabab was accepted and coordinated with by 1,2&3 because of the tribal dynamics.

5- Somaliland was invaded with a well coordinated attack because of the peace, stability and Democracy she realized unlike somalia.

6- Somaliland was also attached particularly at this time because of the recent security cooperation between Hargeisa and US Defense Department.

7-China may have a hand in this by way of providing monetary resources as widely believed!


With all due respect the statement from the above mentioned department by it’s spokesperson  Mr. Patel of the US state department had lacked the knowledge of the cause of the Lascanood conflict and the entities behind this war and the reasons why they are doing what they are doing!

Mr. Patel’s statement deserves a rebuttal by the Somaliland foreign office to correct and clarify the reality, the history and the truth of the situation there in Lascanood war.

PS: As for the de-escalation of the conflict in Lascanood, Somaliland army vacated the city and was stationed in their border bases. Somaliland government abided the request from the clan elders in that regard. Somaliland government poured a lot of resources, monetary included for resolving the local issues in question.

The government announced a ceasefire but the collision did not abide that. They attack the army in their bases continuously and doing that as I am writing this note!

Regarding somalia, American financed and trained military officers are fighting in Lascanood. Some killed, some injured, and some are still there fighting. Resources, including weapons and ammunition also come from somalia through Puntland, continuously!!

On the other hand the clan leaders had their own hidden agenda. They brought weapons, ammunition and Militias, Alshabab elements included. Those clan leaders told the people to leave the town. Their Militias made the People’s homes trenches, weapons storage and a hiding places for the Militias!

I think the blame must go to whom it belongs here. It must go to the invaders and the clan elders acting as surrogates of the so, called G22 group headed by Farmajo and former Prime Ministers of somalia on tribal ethnicity connections and the hate they have to somaliland!

By; Prof Ibrahim Mahamed Mead