Hey Yaw, Who Knows Not, Were You Told This! By Ibrahim Mead. | WAJAALE NEWS
Hey Yaw, Who Knows Not, Were You Told This! By Ibrahim Mead.
May 3, 2023 - Written by Editor:
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Hey Yaw, Who Knows Not, Were You Told This! By Ibrahim Mead.

“Maqaley Warlaay Ma Lagu Waramay!.

The so, called international community, the “IC”, or so they called themselves that, is an entity determined to not only diminish but destroy the ethnic somalis every where in East Africa using, the somalis themselves to do that job, to obliterate themselves out from their peninsula!

That scheme has succeeded in somalia. Their plan is working there. They established a state with in a state in Somalia. They took their Headquarters in “Xalani”.The othere state which is subordinate to the state in Xalani, resides in Villa Somalia! The Xalani state called her self “IC”, international community.

Now whey want to move up North. That is somaliland which is independent. Infact the only Somali people who were and are independent in the somali peninsula or in East Africa, but not yet recognized ! How is that? Now the IC is doing their job, first step first.

1-They are intentionally blindsiding the truth and the reality on the ground in Lascanood war which is an invasion from somalia through puntland and from the region state of Ethiopia. That is apparently clear.

2-They probably want to establish their state with in a state, like somalia, some where in somaliland, if their plan succeeds. Most likely in Lascanood. Don’t be surprised of my analysis. Just think of these two attempts the I C dared to do, and they did but it was rebuffed by the president of somaliland, May Allah bless him for that:

3-In video conferencing, they asked the president of somaliland to pull back the somaliland national defence forces from the somaliland borders! They didn’t ask puntland of somalia who crossed the border and invaded somaliland territories to go back to their international borders and further punish them of their aggression! Because somaliland is still independent recognized or otherwise and hasluckily this  president who is the right one for the prevailing situation in Lascanood. He is a patriotic president, he confidently rebuffed that nonsense.

4-They asked the president of somaliland, ‘when will the political party elections happen?’, while they well know that the country is attached and at war when they were asking the president that question!

They know the somaliland NEC is responsible when the elections could take place. They also know somaliland has it’s constitution for this case, and all other cases, yet still they were asking these questions!

In conclusion:

The so, called international community is working like an entity designed to obliterate the ethnic somalis from the peninsula and from East Africa at large, using them against each other! That is happening now!

Look here.Hassan sheikh who is not independent but recognized, called somaliland which is independent but not yet recognized his own regions!!

” the northern regions of somalia” he said. How idiotic is that!

Doesn’t president Hassan know that he doesn’t own his somalia!! He may know that but he doesn’t confess it. But he must know, however, whether he recognizes it

or not, that somaliland is the only Somali state that is independent but not recognized by the so, called I C who wanted somaliland to be part of or like somalia in concert with their grand plan of obliterating the Somali ethnic from the peninsula! And that is what somaliland is resisting.

The most unfortunate thing in this trap, in this evil scheme, is the acceptance of somalia to diminish herself to a level whereby they became every body’s business! But instead working overtime, against the only independent Somali state of all the somalis in East Africa but with out international recognition. Why is that? Because recognition of somaliland is not compatible to their wider conspiracy scheme against the ethnic somalis in general.

6- Their next move is to undermine and weaken somaliland, following the path which helped them to destroy somalia.

And remember the Somali saying which goes ” Gudunee imaad goyseeni badhkee aya kugu jira”.

” Maqaley warlaay ma lagu waramay”!!

BY; Mead’s point of view