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Accord Somaliland Where She Deservedly Fits If Invited In,2012 London Conference.
June 5, 2023 - Written by Editor:
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To the organizers of the London conference for Somalia

If she doesn’t fit and she doesn’t fit where you want her to fit, then put her where she fits right.

Somaliland is ready and willing to help Somalia and contribute to the effort of finding solutions to her self made problems which 17 conferences prior to this failed to help! Somaliland is not however ready to be constrained and clutched or otherwise make ‘cuckoo’ politically, psychologically and otherwise.

Somaliland fits rightly either a) in the ‘solutions finders’ box or 2) in the observers box. No where else does she fit.

Justice must not be aloof any more for Somaliland. May the international community particularly this conference see the other side of the coin in which some did not see while others see it but pretend that they don’t see it?!

The government of the people, by the people and for the people [Somaliland in this case] must not be sacrificed for a bunch of Al shabaab, Refugees and piracy producers recognized as the government of Somalia while it is known that they are Not an elected body! That they are not accountable to their people, that they kill their people, that they are accountable to foreign entities who actually made them in foreign hotels!

“We see the right and we approve it. We condemn the wrong and yet the wrong pursues”, because we entertain it, or embrace it or recognize it over the right!

To begin with, the conference is for Somalia and not for Somaliland whether we respect that reality or not! If Somaliland is needed to be there put her where she belongs.

The organizers of the up-coming conference for Somalia in London are assumed that they knew that Somaliland was not a region! That they knew Somaliland was a sovereign country before they joined the ill-fated union with Somalia voluntarily in 1960.

The British and the would be guests in that said conference are also assumed that they know very well that Somaliland withdrew from the said union with Somalia and declared that in 1991 after they came back home from exile when they defeated Siyad Bare’s genocidal regime and kicked them out from the liberated Somaliland.

The sponsors of the London conference for Somalia very well know that the verdict of a people must be respected. The verdict of the people (all communities there) of Somaliland was to recall and regain their lost Republic and they did that in the right way. By popular Referendum in 2003 in which the people voted 97% in favour of withdrawing the union from the failed Somalia. Why then the London organizers (17th round) disregard and disrespect the verdict of the people of Somaliland!? On the other hand it is known to the said conference organizers that Somaliland is not the producer of 1) – Al shabaab, 2) and the sea pirates, neither is she the benefactor of that evil business. Why are they then calling Somaliland to participate this conference as a region of Somalia!? When the western values respects the verdict of the people they must respect when it is Somaliland or any other people.

Somaliland believes that this is morally as well as legally wrong. She believes that this is in violation of the fundamental human rights of Somaliland

Why do they not support those who establish peace, stability and democracy in the troubled horn of Africa, instead of disregarding these achievements realize by Somaliland Republic? Why are they wrapping Somaliland with Somalia which practically stands for name only!? Why are they putting a good apple in to a barrel of rotten apples?

If Somaliland doesn’t fit there and she doesn’t fit, put her where she fits!

To put Somaliland in the observer box or better still in the box of the problem solving group is the right thing to do morally and practically.

To Somaliland leadership

Somaliland people have spoken, in no ambiguous terms, in their referendum of 2003. They chose to be independent despite all the odds entailed by this decision. They lived and they live in this situation fine! That is a forgone conclusion. Again, the sacrosanctity of this matter is a non-negotiable bond as far as the people is concerned, thus there is no space for politics for any one while we are not departing flexibility and compromises where possible, like mutual respect and understanding, like compensation of the thousands of people massacred and the unaccounted material (stolen) owed for Somaliland by Somalia during the ethnic cleansing years. Open borders and trade with Somalia will come when and if they show interest in this venture etc, etc.

“Once to every man and nation comes the moment to decide, in the strife of Truth and Falsehood, for the good or evil side. [ JRLowel- the present crises ]” the Somaliland leadership must take the good side, they must take the truth side. They must not participate, the London conference, if Somaliland is not accorded either

1) solution finders status or 2) observer status, for she deserves both.

Honesty and steadfastness is the prerequisites for Somaliland leadership to embrace, and those who lead must heed. Somaliland government must push, persist, relentlessly pursue and persevere, the interest of Somaliland as long as it takes, bitter or sweet, difficult or easy, through thick and through thin and in all situations and circumstances but do it right..

Enforcing Somaliland in to this London conference, or similar conferences, amounts to creating new situations, and new wars! It will destabilize the peace exited in Somaliland for the last 20 years, deliberately. I hope that no one is knowingly intending to do just that.

“Those who faithfully observe their trusts and their covenants and who strictly guard their payers: – these will be the heirs” the righteous will inherit heaven (Al muminoon ch.18-v, 7&8)

Trust may be express or implied. Express trusts are those where property is entrusts or duties are assigned by some one to some other one whom he trusts to carry out on his behalf.

Implied trusts arise out of power or position or opportunity.

Covenants create obligations. To sum up all, express and implied trusts and covenants taken together cover the whole field of obligation owed for the people and the country of Somaliland.

However peace and prayers

BY; Ibrahim Mead ,Political analyst

DATE; 2012

Ottawa, Canada