A glimpse Of The Contamporary Political History Of Somaliland Republic And The ill-fated Union With Deceptive Somalia And The Effects Of The Great Betrayal Thereafter! | WAJAALE NEWS
A glimpse Of The Contamporary Political History Of Somaliland Republic And The ill-fated Union With Deceptive Somalia And The Effects Of The Great Betrayal Thereafter!
July 8, 2023 - Written by Editor:
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After somaliland protectorate achieved independence from Britain in June 1960, prime Minister Egale and three of his cabinet Ministers travelled to Italian somalia on land just after three or four days of our independence.

With the prime Minister and the Ministers was a cargo in the Landover they were driving.That cargo was ‘ the independence of Somaliland!’

When they arrived in Galka’ayo, they didn’t proceed further to Mogadishu because they didn’t have visas for their destination. They were stopped and they were told  not to leave town even when they told the custom officers and the other government officials who they were! That they were the government called somaliland in a Landover!

The prime Minister, his cabinet Ministers and the Somaliland independence were arrested and told they can’t leave town until they get information from Mogadishu.They stayed there for  number of days before they were informed they can proceed to Mogadishu! (From Egale himself)

1-When independent somaliland arrived Mogadishu Somalia, Abdillahi Esse was the head of the state, the Prime Minster of Somalia which was under the UN Trustaship.

2- Mr. Egale was the Prime Minster of independent somaliland ( somaliland being a member of the common wealth at the time, the Queen was the head of the state)

3-There was no widely noticed or understood coup which happened immediately there in 1960 after our arrival. They were each other’s throat. There were riots and demonstrations instigated by the ‘Darood’ there happening in Mogadishu at the time.

The Majerteen sub-clan didn’t want a government heading by Hawiye.They already sent Abdirazak to the UN in  New York. They were asking the UN to postpone the independence of somalia in so far Abdillahi Essa is the prime Minister. Bardacad a well known Majerteen politician left SYL party and formed what he called ” Greater Somalia”!

4-A well organized ” Majerteen sub-clan eventually overthrew both Abdillahi Essa and Mohammed H. Egale governments. Both of these two leaders who won the independence of somaliland and the independence of Somalia respectively were thrown in to the destbin of history with out any effective reactions!

5-The Victor’s of the silent coup brought their man Mr. Aden Ade’ who marrired Ina Muse Mattan, a Majeerten woman. He was from a small sub-clan of Hawiye. He was the speaker of Somalia’s parliament at the time. They crowned him President of the New Somali Republic.

They formed a government they tailored to their size. On the other side,they were not enthusiastic about the greater somalis of five which Somalilanders were emotionally enthusiastic about it, and that was the reason which we lost our independent government of somaliland.

6-They gave themselves all the important positions in the government they formed and tailored to their size:

A-Prime Ministerial position.

B-Ministry of interior.

The most powerful Post after the Prime Ministerial Post.

C-The Director General of the interior. Very powerful Post.

D-The General of the police force

E-The second man in the military who later became the General of the military after general Daood passed away. That guy was Afweyne! That means the Darood kept both the two Generals of the armed forces and almost all the major positions in the new government called somali Republic!

F-The heads of the police officers in the all of the 48 Districts in then Somali Republic, 47 of those District police officers, were all Majerteen!

Reference: (Al yoom news paper owned by Mr. Uur Doox, a well known journalist and a thinker, has published that bombshell report in 1966)

h-The only time Mr. Egale from somaliland became the prime Minister of then the Somali Republic in 1967, the Darood couldn’t take it, then they overthrew his government in a military coup headed by General Siyad Bare in October 1969. They assassinated President Sharmarke who appointed Prime Minister Egale in Lascanood. They put prime Minister Egale in Jail.

i-Then the genocide against the people of somaliland started in procession, educationally, culturally, economically and later physically, up to-1991. Somaliland were put under annihilation schemes, ethnic cleansing executed under Siyad Bare’s criminal regime policy and programs.

j-Somaliland people couldn’t take any more. They have to survive from all these annihilation schemes. They sacrificed hundreds of thousands of their people and billions of dollars to exist on God’s earth, in their homeland, Somaliland, by the will of Allah and they did by the Grace of Allah.They sacrificed blood and treasure for this second Republic of Somaliland.

k-in 1991 the liberation front called SNM reclaimed the country’s independence of June1960. They established a participatory, Democratic Republic from Ground zero. They rebuilt the destroyed country from the ashes, from Ground zero

l-Now we are a flourishing, defacto, independent country waiting for recognition.

Of all these achievements were realized by our people’s, resilience, sacrifices and contributions without foreign help. We became the envy of our neighbors. More so of somalia.

This is an unprecedented experiment realized in our country. It didn’t happen in somalia. It didn’t happen in any other African country under the circumstances we went through.

M;To undermine that miracle achievements, to derail our peace and stability, to disrupt the international investments and security agreements with Europe, middle east and America, our enemies, external and internal started a proxy clan war in Lascanood against somaliland in January, 2023.

That war is the only war in any place where AlShabab terrorists were accepted to be part of the collision, consist of somalia, tribes from the regional state of Ethiopia, puntland of somalia. Those invaded somaliland gave the terrorists the cloak of the (Darood) clan, therefore made them part of them!

The strange thing about this is that the international community has looked the other way in this war against the peace, stability and participatory Democratic system of governance which exists only in somaliland ! Solo in the region.

N- Now somaliland Republic is at Crossroads. Some of our people are infilterated by our enemies. They became surrogates! They are now trying to disrupt and hinder our journey to maintain our stable, peaceful and forward moving country.These people are active in our house of representatives. There are some elements in Wadani  party, no matter they are small in number for now!

The government as well as the people must not trivialize this. They must not normalize the treasonous activities of these elements in our midist.

They must be stopped on their tracks, sooner than later.

PS: This is a glimpse of our contamporary political history, from 1960 to 2023, in a summarized fashion.It can be expanded for historical and educational purposes if and when needed.

BY; Prof Ibrahim M Mead