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Let The World Know What The Aliens Of Evil, Are Doing In Lascanood Of Somaliland!
July 20, 2023 - Written by Editor:

When the whole aim of the invaders of Lascanood war centers In undermining the Peace, Stability and Democracy of Somaliland and trashing the name and the reputation of Somaliland in the world, we are not surprising that they with Desperation resorted by digging mass graves to dump the bodies of their dead Mellitus, tied their hands and legs to claim like they were torture by the somaliland army!

Why are they doing this desperate and shameless attempt? Probably they want to sell this lies to the international community as a way of selling their narrative in this rudimentary fashion. They took a lot of lies to the UN before through the somalia embassy in DC and somalia representative at the UN.

The intended targets in haste and irresponsibly bought the lie first, but later came to know the truth from many independent sources and from the somaliland government as well. Shame of them, the SC being the first!

Let somaliland government and the world be aware what the invading clans and their tribally accepted Alshabab doing in Lascanood. They are digging a fresh and fake mass graves to accuse somaliland army of their dead in the war!

They want to sell this to the international community as though somaliland army was the culprit. It is their way of doing their propaganda against somaliland. That shameless attempt must be busted proactively right away.

Let us all, government and people, let the world know what the Aliens of evil are doing in Lascanood of Somaliland these days.

By; Prof Ibrahim Mead.