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Mr. President Address The Nation! By;Ibrahim Mead.
July 31, 2023 - Written by Editor:
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In a world of fast moving information, disinformation, misinformation and propaganda, it is imperative upon you, to speak to your people directly from the office of the president, particularly when the country is invaded politically as well as militarily, internally and externally.

Your speech will clarify the truth of what is going on in our country lately. It will debunk falsehood.

It will dilute, otherwise nullify the constant lies coming from the two sore losers, and from the misled or otherwise hired so, called journalists.

Mr. President, you are also addressing the world, the international communities, telling them the state of the Republic is  well and good.

Your speech will also debunk the disinformations our  enemies are spreading all over the world. Your administration must be compatitive in the market of public relations. We are on the right side of history. We have to expose that and let the world share that with us. Silence may work in certain situations but in today’s world it is not the best choice.

Furthermore, your speech will also motivate the citizens. I think it is important to do that.

Mr. President we must not normalize criminality. We must not normalize sedition. All these are happening right before our eyes. We must not trivialize the Anti-somalilamd activities  happening in our house of representatives and in some circles in our country.

Iro and Faisal exhibited Narcissist behavior. In fact they are narcissists. They manifested that all the time.

Narcissists, when they fail they blame others for their failure and their shortcomings and that is what they do every time.

The two guys mentioned here failed politically. Instead of confessing themselves that they are not up to the job, they created political chaos, they tribilized their failure. They are desperate. They are in the stage of  “Cadyahow ama ku cunay ama ku cedayay”!!!

Now we all see that after the election commission announced the road map of both the ‘all party elections’ following by the presidential elections. They resorted to arm party militia from their sub-clan. The majority of their clan are clear of them, but the venom sets with their small supporters.

After Wadani’s leadership conference, we saw a sub-clan party militia gathered themselves at ” Gacan libax” mountain. That is a typical anti-Somaliland behavior and that is what Wadani organization did!

What they have done is a challenge to the peace and stability of the Republic.

Therefore, we collectively, that is government and people must not hesitate to defend the Republic from these narcissists who are afraid to participate the elections. No question that foreign hands are in play!

PS: I also think, it is time the president addresses the nation and shed light how our enemies infiltrated in some political parts, members of the parliament, some cultural elders, as well as the press.

Help the nation Mr. President know that the leadership of Wadani has organized and sent these misled people to Gacan libax mountain. They are following their comrade’s (Abdirazak) path. Ale’ Lascanood!

Mr. President your government must avoid and must debunk forthwith the deceptive narrative of the ‘ two parties’. Meaning the seditionists in a tribal cloak on one side and the government in another side. The seditionists are criminals and they must be brought to justice, sooner or later.

It is the duty of the government to protect the security and safety of the people from enemies, foreign and domestic. The government is not in the business of negotiating  seditionists wearing tribal cloaks!

Now hired group of people who call themselves “Sultans,” who don’t represent any one but themselves  are there to be used by the enemy of our country when they need and they needed them now!

They now give themselves a power equal to or more, of the power of the elected government of somaliland! By their mouths they denied the legitimacy of our government when they said, ” no elections will happen unless it will be agreed upon!” That is what Iro and Faisal say all the time. They are acting as though there is no government!”

They are evil and what they are doing is evil. This happens because we normalized criminality and we normalized evil!

They followed the Lascanood Garads line who called the government of somaliland to leave Lascanood. To pull out of the national security agents.

The so, called Sultans who can be safe to call them sarugates of those who sent their supporters to the mountain are now with no consideration and shame called the security police to abandon their duties and leave there positions!

For what? And who are they to tell the state, ” you can’t hold national elections because the people who are afraid to participate don’t want it”!!

If the government can not put these traitors in prison then they must be exposed, shamed and warned. That is the least of all things! ” Haatha adcafuliiman”

We must defeat all enemies, foreign and domestic without wavering. We, I mean, collective We, the people of somaliland with our government leading us. But our government must call all the bad guys, fake sultans, seditionists in the house of representatives and others, in to account of the crimes committed against the representative government of somaliland.

They must face justice.

May Allah bless the Republic

By; Prof Ibrahim Mahamed Mead.