“Maqalee Warlaay Ma Laguu Waramay”Prof Mead. | WAJAALE NEWS
“Maqalee Warlaay Ma Laguu Waramay”Prof Mead.
August 3, 2023 - Written by Editor:

This Is An Advice/ warning intended to reer Gabiley collectively.

Gabiley must watch out and must rethink seriously if their Rightful interest is still in Kulmiye party which betrayed them TWO times! The third time is now and never.

Sadly Gabiley surpassed the prophetic advice which,

“A believer can not bit twice in one hole.” Gabiley has already Been bitten in one hole, the kulmiye hole twice!

Are they ready for the THIRD time?

Well it could be yes, but only and only if our meritorious and Overdue region status is successfully completed now during Their tenure. No more promises. No more next time.

Besides ” Maqalee warlay ma la guu waramay!”

People are talking about two archaic old guards of Kulmiye. Mahamed Abdullahi, a guy who almost sold somaliland with Siilanyo and his nephews, Hersi and Mr. Hashi, and Abdulaziz The Al Ictisam Guy. Allegedly they are the candidates the party Wants to nominate for Gabiley, With out the Consent of the people!!

Simply Gabiley must reject that for their sake and for the sake Of the Nation. The said two guys, have a record of self serving People. Their record is in Gabiley.

PS: lbrahim Mohammed Mead

I don’t belong to any party or organization. I am independent.

I am for to Gabiley interest as I do for the national interest and national defence.

I just want to remind my people what they may already know.

I want them to think big as a region, collectively.

I want them to remember what happened yesterday. I want them be conscious of what is happening to day.

Think big means that the interest of Gabiley is bigger than two or three or even ten people who may get a job from a government which never cares the collective interest of Gabiley, which ever that administration is, or will be.

Seek your rights, intelligently, collectively. Remember, history Repeats itself. May Allah bless you  . And May Allah bless the Republic.

By; Prof Ibrahim Mahamed Mead.