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Mead’s Version V. H/J Sultans Version!
September 4, 2023 - Written by Editor:
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He/J recommendations  rewards the perpetrators Iro, Faisl and Their clans. That proposal contravenes the laws of the land, just To accomodate the above mentioned guys organizations. It is Because of the unique unfavorable situation the country is in.

Their intention was good. They sought it as a solution, but on The other side their proposal takes away the rights of the other Organizations, it also contravenes the laws of the Republic.

I also think it is not right to solve a problem on the back of the other!!

For equate sake, why don’t we accord the law abiding others the same deal? That means ‘Let ALL the organizations,  plus the three,  equally, and together run for the presidency in November 2024?

More ballots instead of three. Probably, the number of organizations would come down to seven or so.

That is Mead’s proposal. I believe it is fair for all the organizations.

I also believe it answers the equality to justice question.

I think, at least that would be an equalizing act and a face saving for every body. It is not the best choice, because it evaded our election laws however, but it is a solution. It is an equalizing one.

Honesty, patriotism, compromise and cool heads are needed in this endeavor.

PS: those who refrained to accept the H/j recommendation are in fact made a favour for the constitutional order of government, long time.

I believe the H/j proposal is Anti- constitution undertaking, even though their intentions are honest. They may believe that they are solving a national problem.

May Allah bless somaliland

May Allah protect our defense forces

BY; Prof Ibrahim Mahamed Mead