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Ibrahim Boba As Aconsensus Candidate Is The Solution:
September 6, 2023 - Written by Editor:
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MP Ibrahim Boba could be the solution for the current state of affairs regarding pacifying or satisfying Garxajiz sub-clan

*Mr. Ibrahim is qualified for the job.

*He is as well one of them.

As a concerned citizen,

I volunteered for two suggestions

  1. a) One was ” Let All Run” to be fair for all organizations.That was not entertained.The group of H/J’s unconstitutional proposal was adopted instead.
  2. b) My other suggestion is that let Mr. Ibrahim Boba to be the consensus to run the president of the Republic. Whether this suggestion gets a chance to be entertained or not, remains to be seen.

In my opinion the only task before us all, over any thing else, is ‘ WAR EFFORT’.

An all-out mobilization of the people towards defending their country which is under attach from outside forces and even from domestic sleeper cells who are no more sleeper cells now. Let us defend the country first, then argue any thing else later.

It is not time for politicking, in my opinion.That said, elections are part of our life as a democratic society. That is why I am discussing it, here in this note.

We slaughtered our constitution, our justice for all, our decency And our constitutional order of government, by adopting the proposal made by a group of four, under the name of a clan!

That proposal has been adopted by the majority Just to pacify or lower down the ( unjustified) complaints of a clan/ party in a time of war, without the unanimous agreement of all clans.

The constitution is the only document which has the unanimous agreement of all clans but that was disregarded, “for the sake of the unity” in a time of war, as they justified!

I however, propose that all the Garxajiz organizations, Ucid and Wadani organizations included, must nominate Chairman Ibrahim Boba to be the only candidate to run the president of the Republic of somaliland next year as a consensus candidate.

Mr. Iro can not be a president for a country he sabotaged and even allegedly organized a coup against the state by forming an armed Militia. Kulmiye could join this effort as well.

Why am I proposing this?

1- I believe MP Ibrahim is not only qualified for the post but he can also win other clans, if may advice gets a chance.

2- The troubled (Garxajiz) clan will not get excuses for their constant restlessness with in the Republic. I think this solution would have been better than by- passing the only document which unites us, which is the constitution which we all voted for.

The other thing is that this proposal will endure longer than the other one which only some clans and the government adopted as a solution.

PS: I forwarded my opinion here with out prejudice.

Prof. Ibrahim Mead.