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At This Difficult Times, Non Isaq Interim President Is Warranted As A national Solution!
November 7, 2023 - Written by Editor:

When we are still entertaining the unconstitutional and thus the most destructive thing, in the recent history of somaliland, which is what ‘Four people’ shoved into the throat of the nation!

When only a section of us unwisely accommodated that with out the Consultation and with out the Consent of the other stake holders and communities, then exploring other venues is a MUST, in my opinion.


(Before you agree or disagree my point, please read the whole article to understand my proposal fully.)

Our unique and difficult circumstance calls us to either fully and honestly support the President of to day, knowing that a community of us undermined him and his administration, every step of the way, from day one to present as they did to late President Egale, OR find a consensus substitute who can deal with the new challenges somaliland is facing now.

In the Urgency of now,  I think we need a consensus none Isaq personality who has what it takes to save a country in big trouble.

We need an interim President to clean up the mess and straighten out our problems to the best of his ability. Don’t forget, we must elect him if he does the required and expected job satisfactorily. Let us face it, elections are not attainable, not possible, under the prevailing circumstances, therefore let us nominate an interim President.

I think Professor Ahmed Ismail is the man of the moment when you consider multiple sides.

Lead, follow or get out of the way.

The Isaqs are not adhering none of these! They are bearing  mistakes of their making, from 1960, up to present!

They never miss a chance to undercut their successes.

For example, in our very recent history, they didn’t give the popularly elected present President a chance to govern! They started a slow moving ‘coup’ to overthrow his government! They activated Gacanlibax ONE immediately after he was elected President, followed by Gacanlibax TWO with armed Militiamen, then Lascanood. All interconnected!

Then followed by the Four H/j guys. They are from one sub-clan among the many clans of somaliland. Infact the Four don’t even represent the totality of their clan. Many people allege the ‘Four’ mentioned here that they are members of, or sympathizers of Alictisam group inside the country.

Those four, in collaboration with the house of chaos, changed the constitution and the laws of the land to reward for the perpetrators of Gacanlibax one and two, and on the other side, disfranchised the law abiding other organizations!

This one sub-clan proposal if unwisely become a law, then any party or government which becomes the offspring or product of this will be only for those who accepted this destructive thing!

It will be considered illegitimate and not for ALL of the communities of somaliland!

It is a devastating blow to our constitution.This will create another problem among our people.One bad thing after another, after another and so on, and so forth!! We are lost.

I think it is time the Isaqs get out of the way and flow.

I hope the Isaqs as well as the other commitments better nominate a none Isaq personality. I hope they invite PROFESSOR AHMED ISMAIL to lead somaliland at this juncture of our history. That is my opinion.

Has any one, any patriotic Somalilander seriously thought, how we can revive, survive or save our Republic from the self inflicted destruction to the Republic? The fragmentation of our unity?

If we patriotically want to save somaliland from herself, we have to honestly and courageously pinpoint first, who really put Mother somaliland in to this precarious situation?

The answer is clear. The Isaqs in general has dragged the Republic in to this ditch, destructive and dangerous situation in which her endurance let alone functioning as a viable state is in doubt unless change comes.

We are at the top of a Clif on an  undermined moving sand! It is that serious as I see it!

Who among us can save somaliland Republic from this quagmire, from the self inflicted damage at this point of time in our history?

Well, the logic leads me to words other communities, not those who failed us, therefore, In my opinion I would forward one personality who I believe is the right man, and he is, PROFESSOR AHMED ISMAIL.

Not because he is the only qualified among the ten or so organizations but he is clean of the damage the Isaqs inflicted on the constitutional order of government and governance. He could be a savior. We know Allah alone is the savior.

Don’t worry, the majority Isaqs can run again when they regain their sanity.

**N/B My reasoning on this proposal.

I think my proposal will at least put on hold for the craziness two communities exhibited lately each one on it’s own way!

1- It will give the larger Isaq communities a break to rest and recall their sanity to lead or follow.

2- I also think that my proposal to will give Samaroon community a break as well, from their never ending quest for more (hal min maziid) coupled with unjustified hatred to their neighbors, mainly by the younger generation!

3- After this big breaks both of the communities must act and react in a rational patriotic way, better than what they usually do.That is to understand what government and governance are as a one large community of somaliland who respects and follows the consensus document, which is the Constitution and the laws of the land.

PS: Can any one fathom what could be worse than what Farmajo and Hassan sheik did to our Republic?

The H/J group of ‘four’ proposal is, believe it or not!

The Guurte must stop this destructive so, called proposal, but if the Guurte follows the house of chaos, then it is incumbent upon the president to veto it. No matter he accepted it before, in a moment of crisis. Stopping it will Stop the Disintegration of Somaliland as we know it. It is that serious.

However, peace and prayers

BY; Prof Ibrahim Mahamed Mead.