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An Open Letter To Prime Minister Of Ethiopia, His Excellency Abiy Ahmed.
December 31, 2023 - Written by Editor:


The relationship between Somaliland and Ethiopia is centuries old, thus it must continue persist and prosper.

The relationship between Somaliland and Ethiopia regarding people to people relationship and the free movement of people and trade must not be disturbed. It was the intent and the program of SNM before liberation of somaliland. It must be enhanced and maintained as the successive government’s of somaliland and Ethiopia were doing.

This is a way forward for keeping and sustaining the stability and security of the Horn of Africa. It is one way of helping the people of both countries and those of the region at large. It is a way to help-peoples-help-them selves.

The relationship between Ethiopia and Somaliland goes back to thousands of years, when Somaliland was known as the “land of punt” and Ethiopia was referred as the “land where Gods love to be” That was thousands of years ago during the Egyptian pharaohs.

Other relationships can be traced back to the subsequent governments of Haile Mariam to Late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi and to  Prime Minister,  Hailemariam Desalegn and of course to the present government of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.


The first Somaliland migration was the 3rd Muslim migration to Ethiopia after the first and second Muslim migration to Ethiopia.

Ethiopia has a history of saving people running from persecution by their own; starting from the first Muslim migration in 614-615 BH to first Somaliland migration to Ethiopia in the1980s

The Somaliland migration to Ethiopia in 1980-1991 could be called the 3rd Muslim migration to Ethiopia. The first Muslim migration to Ethiopia of 614-615 BH and the Somaliland migration to Ethiopia in the1980s had similar circumstances. Both the peoples were running from the persecutions and sufferings borne by what was considered as their kinsmen.

In the case of the Muslims from Mecca, they sought refuge from Qurash persecution. In the case of Somaliland it was the government from Mogadishu which was considered as theirs which has committed the persecution and the ethnic cleansing in somaliland.

In both cases, it was Ethiopia and their rulers who saved the “Sahabah of the prophet” and the targeted people of Somaliland in different times in history for different reasons but of the same end- persecution of innocent people! It was Ethiopia which welcomed these peoples and accepted them in their home land with out hesitation. They comforted them when they needed that most

Somaliland and Ethiopia had centuries old relationship with the exception of a short period of time between1960-1990 when Somaliland entered an ill-fated union with Somalia in an illegitimate way which eventually ended in May, 1991 when Somaliland reinstituted its 1960 government in her soil after long struggle where hundreds of thousands lost their lives and billions of dollars were stolen, robbed and ransacked from Somaliland by Somalia

SNM broke the long endured real or perceived enemocity between the two peoples. They dispell the misunderstanding and hatred between the two brotherly peoples and instead established the people to people movement and people to people relationship with each other which has taken root.

Abdillahi yussuf’s Salvation Front was in Ethiopia long before SNM opened its base there in 1982. In 1987 the author was told by an advisor and an interpreter for the deposed Haile Merriam that in a meeting between president Haile Merriam and Abdillahi Yussuf, the later put a blank paper and a pen in front of Haile Merriam and told him to write what ever he wanted for pay back if he secures central somalia for him!! “No response came from the Ethiopian leader at that point” I was told

When SNM came later to Ethiopia in 1982 President Haile Merriam asked SNM leadership what they would do for Ethiopia when they liberate their country from Siyad Barre of Mogadishu?

A-“SNM leadership told the President that first they did not need any Ethiopian solder to die for their fight, how ever they promised the leader that they will do the following:

1)That they will create an environment where by, the two peoples understand each other more, dispel prejudices, communicate ,cooperate and establish free movement of people and goods across borders.

2)War between the two brotherly peoples will end and no more wars. The horn of Africa will be in peace and safe place to live and do business. “These are what we can promise you Mr. President” SNM leadership told the president at the time.

This relationship was established then, and it is thriving and it must endure for ever.

Somaliland reiterates and trusts that His Excellency Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government will further improve that long standing and continuing relationship between somaliland and Ethiopia with out second guessing and with out prejudice.

SNM, the Mother of somaliland succeeded to turn around the believe that Ethiopia is a traditional enemy of the Somalis through out history in to a reliable brother of the Somalis.

Ethiopia saved (by giving a safe heaven) and supported the people of Somaliland who were massacred indiscriminately by the Mogadishu regime of Siyad Barre by letting them fight back and liberate their country.

Ethiopia supported the 2nd Republic of Somaliland. Somaliland has definitely benefited from this cordial relationship, so was Ethiopia in people to people free movement and trade.

Open borders policy was created as a result of people to people interactions and communications, and that facilitated the free movements of people and trade, thus people trusted each other and then the special relationship took root. However, the late comments from the Prime Minister was not helpful at all!

The animosity and mistrust between the two peoples especially in 1960-1980 had been flipped by SNM and Ethiopian administrations together. The two governments later enhanced this task even further. This effort dispelled mistrusts between the two countries. Cooperation in the areas of trade and security was established by the governments of Ethiopia and Somaliland later on.

Somaliland will become potentially a pipeline for food aid heading towards Ethiopia

as Ethiopia is a landlocked country. She has given secure access to Berber’s port. More importantly, the establishment of the 2nd Republic of Somaliland helped Ethiopia to manage and keep Somalia’s wars, religious extremists and refugees at bay in her borders.

This entrenched both Ethiopia and Somaliland security and stability as the two government’s security apparatus and governments cooperate and work hand in hand to avert these catastrophic and destabilizing phenomena which is AlShabab in somalia and their counterparts, Alictisam, which now took Lascanood their head quarter in conjunction with Puntland and the ‘Garads’ there

Your Excellency, Mr. Prime Minister, let us further strengthen and trust each other even more by way of mutual understanding and mutual respect of each other.That is a continuing  effort which has undertaken by both governments, Somaliland and Ethiopia.

However peace and prayers

BY; Ibrahim Mead