SWO; Massacre at Ina Jama Dubbed of Gaashaamo, Ethiopia
June 10, 2016 - Written by Editor:

Somaliland watch Group

To:  Federal Government of Ethiopia

Cc:  Issak cultural Sultans

Cc:  Somaliland government

Cc:  Human Rights organizations

Cc:  International Community

To:  To All It May Concern,

From: Somaliland Watch Group

Ottawa, Canada

June 9, 2016

Subject:  Massacre at Ina Jama Dubbed of Gaashaamo, Ethiopia

First, our thoughts and prayers to all unjustly killed in their homes, in Gaashaamo, their relatives and survivors of this heinous act. On the other hand we condemn the perpetrators of this crime

This forum and others were warily following the injudicious activities inclined to drive out or in certain cases eliminate the Issak communities from their tribal land in the ex-“Houd and Reserved Area” of Ethiopia by the Somali State government headed by the Hack-man of Jigjiga the capital of the Somali state in Federal Ethiopia

What has happened in “Ina Jama Dubbed of Gaashaamo” was a wholesale slaughter. This mass murder of the innocent civilians there was not an isolated incident, it was a part and a pattern of an on going ethnic cleansing out sourced to the Ogaden government in Jigjiga, if not so why no one stopped this inhuman activity going there for a long time?!

This atrocious, heinous act was executed by the clan based notorious militia known as the” new Police” this is a special force made and managed by the Hack-man, the head of the government in Jigjiga. Some of the Federal army was also on sight as reported.

This outrageous and inhuman act is not acceptable.

This organization is unreservedly condemns this Massacre as well as others before this and it must stop.

If the thinking or the policy of the Federal authority in Jigjiga or in Addis is that- let the Somalis kill each other by sub-contracting this evil job to their man, the Hack-man in Jigjiga and sit back and get joy of this, well I don’t think that is a sane policy for people and neighbours who want to live in an enduring peace and stability. On the contrary it is a way to create distrust, conflict and wars.

The Massacre of “Ina Jama dubbed” and the villainous other acts before it will not only destroy the good Relationship Somaliland and Ethiopia built over the years, it will open the gates of Hell! It may inflame ethnic and religious wars and that flame will spread to the whole region. And that is what we do not want and that is what no one wants. We do not know about the Jigjiga government of Mr. Ina Ilay!

In the light of this Massacre, we propose the following:

1-We are calling the Federal government in Addis Ababa to investigate and review this act and all other heinous acts committed by the Ogaden government in Jigjiga.

2- The perpetrators of this Massacre must be called in to account and justice must prevail

3- The Federal government of Ethiopia must help to form an inclusive government in the Somali state which reflects All Somali communities there. Now it is a one clan club!!

4- The major cultural leaders, the Issak Sultans must be invited to work with the federal authorities filling the void of Siilanyo government, which abrogated its responsibilities!

5- The Issak communities and other none Ogaden communities must be part of the government of the Ethiopian Somali State. They are excluded now. The government of the Somali state is an exclusive Ogaden club now! This must change for the good of all.

6- Lastly Somaliland government must do its responsibilities and become part of the solution by constantly communicating with the Ethiopian government delegating that job with knowledgeable mature people.


However peace

Somaliland Watch Group

Ottawa, Canada


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