Is it True that there are job Opporunities in Somaliland and Our People are 80 Percent Un-employed?
July 25, 2016 - Written by Editor:

If I try to answer this question, I want to say in confidence that it is true. When I was working in Saudi Arabia I heard one day a government minister of Somaliland saying in the BBC that Somaliland hosts thousands of expatriate

workers like the gulf rich countries.

I couldnot believe what I heard.When I came to Somaliland I have seen practically that the local people are idle and the different works is handled by foreign workers.

These jobs are not menial jobs.These include all sorts of jobs from skilled to labour works.The campaign of deporting thousands of foreign workers to their countries is witness to my statement like the gulf rich countries.


When I tried to get an answer for this issue I found out that our people will only work in white collar jobs. This is not born today but is a trait and attitude of our people.Waxaa markhaati ka ah odhaahdii ahayd dawlad wada karaani ah dunidaba ma joogto.


I interviewed many people.This include the younger generation that are graduating enmass from the outnumbered universities in the country.I asked them why they are not working in the business markets temporarily and they all categorically refused. I have seen few of them that worked there and have started small groccery businesses of their own.These are those that neither chew qat nor smoke.


The world have changed and continuous to change. The demand is rising and the resources are shrinking. The attitude of waiting somebody to feed u is history today.

The population exploded tremendously and the competition is severe today.One has to work hard to earn his living.


If you ask most people what is their major objectives in life?Most of them if not all will give u vague answers such as I want to live successful life and make a good living. That is a dream.All successful people in the world have worked hard.If life was easy yesterday it is not today and if we do not work hard there will not be short cuts in life and a free lunch today.


Times are changing.We worry about the declining morals of the younger generation: Where will they end up?

Before we point a finger at them,let us evaluate who is to blame.Values and virtues are not hereditary, they are learned. We need to get our priorities right if we are to influence the next generation correctly and to move into a lifelyhood recovery before it is too late sir.



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