How much K-2 be different than K-1! By Ibrahim Mead | WAJAALE NEWS
How much K-2 be different than K-1! By Ibrahim Mead
February 21, 2018 - Written by Editor:

The author changed the title of this article from “Will K-2 be different then K-1” giving them the benefit of the doubt.  Hence then there were some positive actions, emanated from K-2 administration. It was mainly ‘houses cleaning’ just cleaning some of the enormous fraud left by K-1? The people cautiously welcomed this move in spite. This optimism did not last longer after the SDF- so called Somaliland Development Fund appeared from Dubai. This newly serviced SDF thing created a lot of suspicion and controversy. Some people even call this- “Somaliland in the Auction block”.  Others call this as “money laundering Scam.”Some characterized the whole thing as treasonous act committed by K-1. Many people voiced their frustration against K-2 accused them by saying that if they are not part of the Scam they should take action by expelling Morgan and sa,ad! That is said, this SDF thing needs an honest explanation. Where is “draining the swamp mantra”? People are wondering!

On the optics side of things so far not bad as far as K-2 administration is concerned; aside from the recently serviced secret companies run by Somaliland oligarch,  known corrupted individuals and embezzlers of all time who are still in K-2’s administration!
Kulmiye- 2’s effort to drain Kullmiye-1’s swamp is so far not there despite its superficial otherwise selective move from here and there! If K-2 succeeds to undo what K-1 has done to Somaliland, which is recovering and bringing back what has been embezzled, ransacked and stolen from the poor people of Somaliland and send perpetrators to jail they will get the blessing of Allah and that of the people. However and after all that good effort and even if K-2 succeeds in this praiseworthy effort of cleaning their house left by K-1 they only put Somaliland where K-1 took over power from Riyale’s administration!
Although it is good if they do this, nonetheless, real work was not done because nothing was moved. Nothing new happened thereafter. Things were brought back where they were before K-1 assumed power! Still people will support K-2 by merely un-doing the havoc K-1 has dome to Somaliland. Their new effort to right the wrongs K-1 did is going on; assuming they are digging out Somaliland from the deep Hole K-1 dumped Somaliland people and country.

In physics, work is done only when force is applied to an object and the object is moved through a distance. Here in Kulmiye 2 real work will be done when and only after kulmikye 2 debugs the evil deeds Kulmiye-1 has done to Somaliland and do more, nevertheless this job may take the whole period of President Musa’s tenure.

Kulmiye 1 has dug a black hole for Somaliland which extended for seven years. If Kulmiey 2 honestly wants to undo what Kulmiy- 1 has done and start the un-digging, they still did not do any work for Somaliland! The house cleaning Kulmiye 2 has started is just that, cleaning their dirt. If and when they did that then real work may or may not start! What a dilemma we are all in. that is said, let us give them a time to do what they are supposed to do while watching them like a Hawk. Let us give them the time needed. Let us give them the benefit of the doubt. We can do that, don’t we?
Will Kulmiye-two Gaslight people as Kulmiye-1, the Mother, did?
Gas-lighting is a psychological phenomenon. It is a form of manipulation which persuades you that what you see is not what actually you see and what you hear is not what you hear! These are not the reality. The reality is what I or we tell you! “It is a form of manipulation to an individual or a group hoping to make them question their own perception and sanity. It is a tactic in which a person or entity make them question their reality in order to gain more power” {Wikipedia} it works! It worked for Kulmiye 1! And most likely K-2 may tempt or may not tempt to pursue gas lighting! Any one is susceptible to Gas lighting let alone the divisive clan ridden poor Somalis in Somaliland and everywhere.

Will Kulmiye-2 be susceptible to Dunning-Kruger effect as K-1 was!

Will they Replicate or Save themselves and Somaliland from this phenomenon? Well, the more travelled road is easier to travel than the less travelled road. Well, we shall see.

Siilanyo’s collection-{ government personnel,} hopelessly suffered “Dunning-Kruger effect!.” it is a cognitive bias. In the field of psychology Dunning–Kruger effect is when people of low ability assess their ability as greater than what it is. They suffer from illusory superiority, mistakenly assessing their cognitive ability as greater than what it is. Boasting that they know everything when they know little or nothing! “the miss-calibration of the incompetent stems from an error about the self. {From Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia}
Moreover, let the government and the opposition each do its designated work for Somaliland and not for self unlike what K-1did!

 Note:  Muj. Mohamed Kahin, hosted a dinner to a group of people who reside or resided in Imperial Hotel Hargeisa for the occasion of been nominated as Minister of Interior. The author was among those invited. In that occasion the author reminded the new Minister that “unified fore is the right way to move Somaliland forward” the author also asked him to pass this messages to the new President, ,Mr.Beexi. Mr.Kahin seemed that he understood the essence of the author’s message which was “Unite the people by listening them and by addressing their concern.”


Ibrahim Mohamed Mead

Ottawa, Canada

However, peace and prayers.


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