When The National Call Rings We Have To Answer It Collectively And With One Voice! By Ibrahim Mead | WAJAALE NEWS
When The National Call Rings We Have To Answer It Collectively And With One Voice! By Ibrahim Mead
March 17, 2018 - Written by Editor:

Somaliland was attacked by the second generation of the perpetrators of those who executed the ethnic cleansing in Somaliland! The entity in Mogadishu declared two things:

1} that Somaliland is their colony regardless of Somaliland’s claim that they are a de-facto state independent of Somalia which indeed they are!

2} they don’t want Somaliland to develop their country, thrive and even exist and that is not acceptable as far as Somaliland is sane.

Somaliland refused to expire and go away against what Mogadishu regime intended them for. Somaliland instead triumphed over Mogadishu’s powerful military machine. Now Somaliland is an independent de-facto state. Somaliland practices democratic system of governance with all institutions elected by its people. In Somalia they accepted to be colony of foreign countries who don’t want them to be independent despite the empty recognition they are given. That is said the rulers in Mogadishu are threatening Somaliland! Therefore it is time to wrap-up and conclude our differences emanated from the presidential election in 2017. And defend our Motherland once again against the same perpetrators!

Together we resisted to be annihilated by Mogadishu genocidal regime. We die together, we survived together and we developed a democratic government together. We are not flawless people. We have our moral-less embezzlers and thieves who have to be investigated and sacked from k-2 administration forthwith. Misappropriation is ‘ghulul. According to some lexicographers ‘ghoul’ denotes misappropriation of a property. ‘Ghulul’ applies to every kind of embezzlement according to Islamic scholars

The almighty Allah (swt) says

“…and he who eats unfaithfully shall bring that in respect of which he has acted unfaithfully on the Day of Resurrection; then every soul be paid fully what it has earned, and they shall not be dealt with unjustly. The Holy Prophet (S) says:“One who embezzles a property in his charge and does not deliver it to its owner and dies in such a condition, then he does not die in my community (he does not die a Muslim). When such a person meets Allah, He shall be infuriated with him. And one who purchases an embezzled property knowing that it is embezzled is just like the (actual) embezzler.”We also have our good people, but usual they are avoided!!

It is not time to talk pass each other, it is time to talk to each other. It is time to feel each other’s pain and concerns thus address them. However it is time to be a unified force against the enemy of Somaliland who ever those enemies are. In this call of unity context I have to refer an annotation in my last article {how much k-2 be different than k-1} Note: Muj. Mohamed Kahin, hosted a dinner to a group of people who reside or resided in Imperial Hotel Hargeisa for the occasion of been nominated as Minister of Interior. The author was among those invited. In that occasion the author reminded the new Minister that “unified fore is the right way to move Somaliland forward” the author also asked him to pass this message to the new President, Mr.Beexi. Mr.Kahin seemed that he understood the core of the author’s message which was “Unite the people by listening them and by addressing their concern.”


Has Mr. Musa set foot on the road where Siilanyo administration travelled by taking Faisal with him or is it an unintended first time mistake?!

Siilanyonian time relapsed both in behaviour and practice in Mr. Musa’s trip to UAE.

Whether he gate-crashed or otherwise Mr. Faisal Ali Waraabe was seen sitting beside Mr. Musa Biixi in a presidential visit to UAE. Aside from the undesirable behaviour on the part of the delegation in the private jet sent to the President of Somaliland by UAE government like taking photos from Mr. Musa and Mr. Faisal sitting side by side while others laughing and showing off reading what looks like Menu! The people in that executive jet were behaving like grade-5 students on a visit to a wonderland! That guy, Mr. Faisal sitting beside the President of Somaliland, badmouthed and uttered unkind remarks against Mr. Musa, the President, Three or four days ago before this trip and not only that; Faisal also offended shamelessly a “neighbouring nation called “Canfar’ as well as Clans we wrongly, unjustly and unkindly call them ‘Midgo” attributed these to a man he intended to insult him severely by calling him “Canfari and Midgaan” what an idiotic blunder the blunderer did! Mr. Faisal is unglued, unhinged, mercurial and well known political ‘hack’ for hire. Unethically, he obtains benefits from his obnoxious behaviour in kind and cash from the corrupted entities like Siilanyo oligarch government. Whether Faisal gate-crashed or not Faisal smells the kill like the shark smells the blood from miles away! Where is “draining the swamp mantra”! Has Mr. Musa set foot on the road where Siilanyo administration travelled or is this an unintended first time mistake?! Time will tell.

However peace and prayers

Ibrahim Mohamed  Mead

Ottawa, Canada


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