Why You Take Unwise Decision When You Could Settle On Good One!.BY Ibrahim Mead.
October 20, 2018 - Written by Editor:


To preside over a democratic government, leaders of the administration and the opposition party or parties must know how to manage disagreements and conflicts. Coming to the table, discuss the issue at hand, narrow differences and compromise when compromise is the right thing to do in the circumstances. If and When they do not do that, the result is not only political paralysis but chaos  will get its way there thus it is loose, loose proposition.

In democratic legitimate governments the head of states are the servants and the people are the owners of the government which the government manages on their behalves and supposedly do so in the right way.

People are in charge and governors are the servants of the people. Governors are also on contract. When their performance is unsatisfactory they ought to go and elected others ought to replace them. That is what we expect from a free and a democratic government which we claim we are therefore peoples call must be headed and the people are calling the government to hold the overdue municipal and parliamentary elections on its time thus embrace the compromise presented. There is no excuse to reject the announced deal. It is a good deal for the government!

Why do any body resist to compromise when compromise is the right thing to do in the circumstance we are in. The government must not insist on their own way disregarding other opinions! That is not democratic, that is disastrous.

We all make decisions, some good and some bad. Some are made in haste, some are well thought out. Even some decisions are made not to make decisions at all.
Some decisions affect others in one way or another. Some decisions are harmful, other decisions are not. We have a sense of knowing right from wrong, and each times of our lives we have to make decisions that we know are right or wrong. The problem is that the Somaliland authorities more often choose to make wrong decision, they choose not to think about it so hard, so they tend to continue down that path and that is not only terrible but it is also the definition of insanity which is “if you repeat the same thing over and over again and expect a different result!” then you are not sane, or that is the definition of insanity! In short, decisions good or bad, separate or collective have profound consequences and the contesters (government and the opposition parties) must understand that.
To Mr. Musa.
with due respect I am calling him to avoid the temptation of the politics of “kujiqsee” gridlock which they used in SNM administrations
Good or bad whatever happens during your tenure is squarely on your shoulder. You have more to bear than anyone else by venture of being the President of the Republic. In The Spirit of Compromise, the thing we always brag about, I urge you to focus less on personality and egoism and more on the common ground and what is good for the country and what is acceptable to all parties concerned. The NEC problem must be resolved, elections must be held as scheduled and the over, overdue Municipal and parliament must be dissolved with or without the election. Lastly you have a good deal in your hand and there is no reason to reject it!

To Mr. Abdirahman Ciro.

With due respect I am telling him that 1) no sole bears the burden of the other” “Walataziro waazitun wizra okhraa”

b) Abandon the politics of subtraction. It is for sure a self-defeating venture

To Mr. Faisal:

with due respect I am calling him to give Mother Somaliland a break for heavens sake!

To Gabiley Community:

“Don’t bear the burden and the sin of another” “Walataziro waazitun wizra okhraa”
although SNM came to {Afraad}you and the liberation grew from there you end up a victim of injustice. The government took away your Tugwajaale plateau where the livelihood of your community depended a) your regional bounders are shrinking, without consultation, b) without consent and c) without compensation!
Tell me any other Somaliland community their land confiscated and their camels were and are not allowed to graze their regional territory? None! Only Gabiley! Justice must be rendered. For that reason and for many other reasons do not bear the burden and the sin of another.

To the brothers and sisters of  Garxagis community:

“Walataziro waazitun wizra okhraa” the sin allegedly committed by K1 and K2 cannot be transferred to the clans of Kulmiye 1 and Kulmiye 2 administrations. The onus is on K1and K2 leadership and not the sub-clans they subscribe to. Your concern is our concern; let us safeguard the country we all died for. I trust you do.

Peace and prayers

Ibrahim M Mead

Political analyst

Ottawa, Canada



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