Somaliland Republic is the name of Somaliland Republic, period
February 23, 2019 - Written by Reporter:

Somaliland is not a regional administration which Mr. Abby could ask the Somaliland Presidential delegation to cooperate with Federal Somalia, but unfortunately Mr. Abby did just that any!

Mr.Bixi and his delegation were supposed to correct the Ethiopian Prime Minister’s mischaracterization of Somaliland status in the statement originated from his office on the spot after his office called Somaliland what she is not. She is not a regional administration as Abby and Faramago may like. Somaliland was Somaliland Republic in 1960 before the doomed union with Somalia, she is Somaliland Republic now any other name any one may call is wrong and an insult to the people and country of Somaliland. In the context of calling Somaliland an administration implies that Mr. Abby considered Somaliland a regional administration! That is wrong, in fact it is a sin committed against the people and the country of Somaliland therefore, it is not acceptable because Somaliland is a People’s Republic unlike the de-facto UN and AU Trusteeship of Somalia which is called Federal Somalia. It is also unfortunate and unacceptable that Mr. Kahin of Somaliland erroneously justified the degradation and demeaning of Somaliland by accepted the mischaracterization of what Somaliland was called by Mr. Abby!

I am not questioning the Ministers honesty, I believe he is an honest person but

I am questioning his unawareness and insistence of that in this issue.

The prime Minister of Ethiopia who was hosting the President of Somaliland Republic referred Somalia government-as the Federal government of Somalia that is ok. The Prime Minister referred Somaliland government as- Somaliland administration! That is not OK! Look at the context he chose to call Somaliland what Mr. Abby did.

Well, Recognized or not Mr. Abby was not supposed to call Somaliland what she is not.(Somaliland Administration)

If my name is Ali and that is my name, you are not supposed to call me Omer which is not my name at all and especially it is odd to do that when you are the host of the person you ill-treated his government’s name! Somaliland popularly rightfully decided to call their elected government-Somaliland Republic. Pleasing Mogadishu on the expense of Somaliland was not right and is never right. May be (may be not) the prime Minister was responding to the instinct of the hegemon. When more powerful people use their influence to convince less powerful people, it is in their best interest to do what is actually in the most powerful people’s best interest, that’s called hegemony. Was Prime Minister Abby was practicing hegemon here?

Somaliland has a long history with Ethiopia which Somalia didn’t.

The relationship between Ethiopia and Somaliland goes back to thousands of years, when Somaliland was known as the “land of punt” and Ethiopia was referred as the “land where Gods love to be” in the days of the Egyptian pharaohs thousands of years ago.

Other relationships can be traced back from King, Ashama Ibn Abjar, to the first Somaliland migration as the 3rd Muslim migration to Ethiopia, to Emperor Menelek II, to the subsequent governments, to Haile Mariam to Late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi to his excellence Hailemariam Desalegn and I hope to his Excellency Prime Minister Abby Ahmed will take from there.

The first Somaliland migration was the 3rd Muslim migration to Ethiopia

Ethiopia has a history of saving people running from persecution by their own; starting from the first Muslim migration in 614-615 BH to Somaliland migration to Ethiopia in the1980s

The Somaliland migration to Ethiopia in 1980-1991 could be called the 3rd Muslim migration to Ethiopia. The first Muslim migration to Ethiopia of 614-615 BH and the Somaliland migration to Ethiopia in the1980s had similar circumstances. Both the peoples were running from the persecutions and sufferings borne by what was considered as their own people. In the case of the Muslims from Mecca, they sought refuge from Qurash persecution. In the case of Somaliland it was the government of Mogadishu which committed the persecution and ethnic cleansing against Somaliland people.

Other bilateral relationships during and after British Somaliland Protectorate

Addis Ababa treaty

When Somaliland was under British Protectorate the first treaty known as the Addis Ababa treaty signed by the Emperor Menelek II and the representative of Britain took place at Addis Ababa on the May 14th 1897. Queen Victoria ratified on 28th July 1897.

Some Articles and annex of that treaty excluded demarcation of the border between Somaliland and Ethiopia are here cited as:

The Treaty

“Her majesty Queen Victoria having appointed as her special Envoy and Representative to his Majesty the Emperor Menelek II, James Rennell Rodd, Esq whose full powers have been found in due and proper form, and his majesty the Emperor Menelek, negotiating in his own name as king of kings of Ethiopia, they have agreed upon and do conclude the following articles, which shall be binding on themselves their heirs and successor.”

Article I “The subject of our persons protected by each of the contracting parties shall have full liberty to come and go and engage in commerce in the territories of the other, (British Somaliland protectorate and Ethiopia) enjoying the protection of the government within whose jurisdiction they are.

Article III “The caravan route between Zeiyla of Somaliland and Harrar of Ethiopia by way of Gildessa shall remain open throughout its whole extent to the commerce of both nations- Somaliland and


Article IV “, all material destined exclusively for the service of the Ethiopian State shall, on application from his Majesty the Emperor, be allowed to pass through the port of Zeiyla into Ethiopia.”

SNM established the people to people relationship with Ethiopia which took root

Abdillahi yussuf of Mogadishu’s Salvation Front was in Ethiopia long before SNM opened its base there in 1982. In 1987 the author was told by an advisor and an interpreter for the deposed Haile Merriam that in a meeting between President Haile Merriam and Abdillahi Yussuf, the later put a blank page and a pen in front of Haile Merriam and told him to write whatever he wanted for pay back if he secures central Somalia for him!! No response came from the Ethiopian leader at that point”.

When SNM came later to Ethiopia in 1982 President Haile Merriam asked SNM leadership what they would do for Ethiopia when they liberate their country from Siyad Barre of Mogadishu.

a-“SNM leadership told the President that first they did not want any Ethiopian solder to die for their fight, however they promised the leader that they will do the following:

1) that they will create an environment where by the two peoples understand each other more, dispel prejudices, communicate ,cooperate and establish free movement of people and goods across borders.

2) War between the two brotherly peoples will cease, and the horn of Africa will be in peace. These are what we can promise you Mr. President” they said. This relationship established then, and it is thriving and it must endure forever. I hope Mr. Abby takes from there.

SNM succeeded to turn Ethiopia which was considered as a traditional enemy of the Somalis in the recent history in to a reliable brother of the Somalis.

Open borders policy was created as a result of people to people interactions and communications, and that facilitated the free movements of people and trade, thus people believed each other and then the special relationship took root.

In the end I am calling the Prime Minister of Ethiopia to respect Somaliland and instead develop and advance the relationship of Ethiopia and Somaliland and Somaliland in their part should do the same. That is a win, win endeavour.

Peace and prayers

Ibrahim M Mead


Ottawa, Canada

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