“Othina Fii Ardul Somal Qablal Meka”By Ibrahim Mead. | WAJAALE NEWS
“Othina Fii Ardul Somal Qablal Meka”By Ibrahim Mead.
August 29, 2021 - Written by Editor:
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According to the pronouncement of late Sheikhul Azhar in Baghdad conference in 1975. I was there at that time. Then What are extremists under the cloak of religion telling the Somaliland Muslims?! They are selling conflict and confusion And extremism.

The government dropped the ball in this front

Those who have their narrow and personal interpretation of the quoran and the sunna to peruse their benefit.

It was overdue that some one tell them to stop this line of businesses, that some one became the present PRESIDENT of Somaliland and he did it and did so with courage and the right way.

I and many other somalilanders applauded and commended the   president of Somaliland for telling it like it is

He told the merchants of confusion and conflict and those who abuse the religion to further their profits that there is one Sherif in town and that is the government.

The presidential response in Abaarso college was overdue and the president touched only one part of the institutions like educational institutions under attach. He even didn’t touch the cultural institutions under attack.

Some of the Somaliland haters got their platform in the new partliament, others are wolf’s wearing sheep’s cloth under ” wanag faris iyo  xuman reebis”

others are out right sychophents working for the enemies of Somaliland.

Some thing to be remembered is that the religious extremists grew fast during Siilanyu’s tenure. This administration must be brave enough to confront the enemies of Somaliland by overhauling the ministry of religion. The Ministry of information and national guidance must inform the public in a continuous fashion

Lastly the government must not be shy of what is right. Haters who collects Tex payers  money like the MP minister Sulub was addressing. Although mainly siilanyo’s kulmiye and to some extent this one wronly accommodated the anti- somaliland’s    undeserved claims of other’s territories and properties . Collectively these people must be told the truth. They must be told to “love the mother or leave it”

Just “not to shy to tell the truth” as Allah told us in his book, is the point.

None of those undermining Somaliland never shed a blood, never contributed a penny, instead they collect allot money and material and yet they are brave enough to chalky Somaliland in their hateful way!!

By; Ibrahim Mahamed Mead’s Ooint Of View.