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Somalia Is In Vicious Circle Part-1!By; Ibrahim Mead.
March 7, 2022 - Written by Editor:
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The Picture Above are the Perpetrators of the Death of the ill-fated Union of somaliland with somalia Along with the Dream Of Pan-somalism.

This letter is carrying some historical references in a summarized fashion and also shows that our narrative is not only the genocide as someone of us argued in Djibouti in a somalia so called heritage gathering. Seriously, genocide is not something to belittle by any sane person let alone a high level somaliland leader who unfortunately did it!!

Our narrative must start with our woes from the beginning of time, from 1960 upon arriving Mogadishu until the end of the ill-fated union in 1991

It was a sequence of human misery and mayhem suffered by the people of somaliland who went there with the honest intention of creating Pan-somalism.

The nationalist poet Timacadi said in a line

“Niman xamar dowladbaa ka jirta how dabaldagini”

Starting from 1960 when somaliland went there Abdillahi Isse was the prime minister of somalia before they overthrew him in a political coup by Aden Ade and his gang.

Aden Ade was then nominated president of the Republic after the gang also politically overthrew Prime Minister Egale’s government of somaliland.

Aden Ade administration shunted aside the government from Somaliland altogether. All the major portfolios of the government from the two generals to the Prime Minister to other major portfolios were taken by somalia, more so by  the Aden Ade wife’s clan

In 1969 the civilian government of prime minister Egale, the only time and the only prime minister from somaliland was overthrown by military coup. Unlike the political coups before  the military coup, this time

they assassinated president Abdirasheed who nominated the only and the first Prime Minister from somaliland and jailed the prime minister.

From there the operation of slow death of thousand cuts started in then the Northern somalia. (Somaliland)

From 1970 forward, somalia started closing the boarding schools of the North to diminish the level of education in the North at the time

Then from 1972 they started the mass transfer of the then- Northern somalia qualified teachers to somalia proper while they dumped the un- qualified southern teachers to the North to destroy and diminish the level of education there and they successfully did that.

Then they started to execute the scheme of terrorizing, raiding and rubbing the people throughout the North in an ethnically targeted fashion

From 1980s on wards the open war of Displacing and Replacing scheme started. It later progressed to ethnic cleansing and annihilation of a people by military operations. from there, SNM confronted the Bare military with people’s liberation forces, a war embossed on them. Hundreds of thousands of somaliland people lost their lives. Thousands of millions of dollars were stolen by the regime throughout the last 10 years-1980-199

However in the end people’s liberation forces triumphantly defeated Siyad Bare government.

Somaliland reclaimed her independent Republic of 1960.

Of all that lost of hundreds of thousands of lives and treasure, somaliland reestablished a 2nd Republic in a forgiveness, united and forward moving environment participated by all somaliland communities in 1991 at Borco, somaliland. That endeavor of ‘help your self’ established the peace, stability and progress somaliland enjoys now.

N/B this piece is intended as a reference or refreshment for anyone interested particularly for the. somaliland representatives abroad

Somalia was administering their country under a trusteeship when somaliland went there in 1960.

Now they are administering their country under chapter7 which is another form of trusteeship in 2022.

In between these two times they were in the business of destroying somaliland and when that was done they inadvertently probably unintentionally, however they destroyed their somalia as well.

Of all that, they claim every thing is fine!!

Somalia is in full circle now.They are back to point A where they were in 1960.

Somalia was under trusteeship when independent somaliland went there in 1960.

Now in 2022 after they made rounds and rounds, in the end they came back to under chapter7 which is another form of trusteeship, that means back to point A,  where they were in 1960! They made full circle(dairatu suu) here

However, between this journey of point A to point A again, which started from point A and ended back to point A, they were in the business of destroying somaliland as well as the dream of Pan-somalism which the two were interlocked as somaliland was the Mother sacrificed and was driving that dream in the first place, and that was the reason somaliland went to Mogadishu

Sadly somalia killed that when they destroyed somaliland, the force pushing that noble cause, (somaliween)

Somalia didn’t stop there, they in the final analysis destroyed their somalia as well and that is whey they became every bod’s business, and that is why nothing is in their hands!

Sadly somalia leaders don’t mind that, but they mind how to undermine and destroy the independence, democracy and progress somaliland people and government has  achieved, in every corner

They want to put off that light glowing in the Horn of Africa. But they can’t. Oh, Allah whey don’t they look after their affairs instead?! Why don’t they look themselves in the mirror?!

By; Ibrahim Mahamed Mead.