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Where Are The Gabiley Candidates?Who Speaks For Gabiley!
May 24, 2021 - Written by Editor:
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Why No One Of Gabiley candidates or an elder, or a personality Of Gabiley (despised) region talk of Gabiley issues, aspirations, Equities and rights, while others are less seriously talking and Reminding Gabiley community what they deserve, etc Region

Gabiley is a victim of jealousy emanating from all sides, from The east side and from the west side!

But where are their candidates.

Ina jirde of Wadani expressed wonder why Gabiley doesn’t seek higher political positions like the presidency which they deserve.

You can’t say any thing other than thanks for that.

Then Cukuse attacked Ina Jirde and said, Gabiley did it already. Muse is their man!

Well, two points to not let go un answered here

1; both of two guys are from ‘ Dunbuluq’ and nothing is wrong with that.

2; does Muse in his heart believes he is of Gabiley and for Gabiley

3;Do the Gabiley people really see any thing to lead them believe what these people are talking about.

Gabiley candidates of all stripes, of different political parties Must Not be shady of telling the truth. They have to articulate the Gabiley issues as well as the national issues. Don’t wait until others speak on your behalf.

We don’t want to be disappoin

ted with you. Show your guts and there you go.

Allah May bless you

BY;Ibrahim Mohamed Mead